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How to Use Facebook Organic Marketing

How to Use Facebook Organic Marketing
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Organic marketing is a reference to the natural reach of a social media post without requiring paid advertising.

This could include having a business or professional profile page and posting regular pictures, videos, and status updates. These types of organic marketing materials will only be seen by those that already follow you, and the people that they might choose to share your information with. It won’t pop up randomly on other people’s pages and doesn’t have to include a sponsored notification anywhere because it is a regular post like any other account. It is encompassing of the chances or likelihood that someone is going to see your post as it naturally appears on their feed.

At any given time, you can get on Facebook and see a different arrangement of posts based on an algorithm Facebook uses to show you what you want. Your goal with organic marketing will be to provide people with the content that will be frequently included in their algorithm.

This organic reach includes factors such as how often you post, the time that you post, how popular your posts are, and how many posts you have versus how many others have on a particular user’s page.

A person that has 1,000 friends and likes 500 pages has a lot less of a chance of seeing your post than a person with 100 friends that doesn’t like anything. While you can’t control what others have in their feeds, you can control whether or not your content is something that they want in their feed.

In Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to help users only see ads that have more meaningful purposes and help elicit connections, this organic reach was limited and caused it to drop to as low as 2%. Changes like these can be scary because it could mean money lost for certain businesses. The thing to remember, however, is that organic reach will never fully be gone.

The main thing to remember about organic reach is the need for quality content over quantity. So before you start to think that you should frequently post throughout the day, remember that the more you post, the more of a chance there is for a certain ad to get lost in the Facebook feeds of your audience.

Having a few good quality posts is going to be a lot more helpful to your content getting noticed than if you post 100 times a day every 5 minutes.

In order to get business leads that eventually lead to website traffic and product sales, you have to ensure that you’re posting quality that is worthy of being shared.

On top of that, it should engage with the audience. Something that encourages conversation will be the most successful. You might have seen articles in your feed that are very controversial, or even easily proved wrong and make you question, “why would someone post that?” Well, for a while, controversial posts like biased articles or sexist pieces were getting the most traffic because everyone would comment angry things and get into fights with strangers on the Internet.

The people that commented on the article shared that post to all of their friends, helping it to go viral. Soon, however, Facebook noticed this type of ‘click-bait’ content, and cut back on the types of posts they would allow on their platform. So making sure your content is engaging is still important, only as long as it falls within Facebook’s guidelines.

Note, it’s not the process of getting business leads on Facebook that’s challenging. The hard part will be putting an interesting ad out there, one that makes people want to interact with your content.

Posting about one a day is a good daily target. And if not once a day, at least 4 to 5 times a week. Anything less won’t be enough to keep users engaged, and more than that will start to feel like spam. A person might have access to every single one of your ads, always seeing your new content in their feed.

While that’s good for you, it could be annoying for them to see similar ads five times in a row when they just logged onto Facebook just to see pictures of their baby niece.

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