Making Twitter Work for Your Brand |

Making Twitter Work for Your Brand

Making Twitter Work for Your Brand

Steps To Make the Best Deal off This Platform Channel

If you want to make optimal use of social media and succeed as a marketer with it, then, you won’t want to sideline the influence of Twitter. Twitter remains one of the most powerful tools with which you can carry out incredibly effective social media marketing and brand promotion with a minimal budget. Because it is popular for its speed and efficiency, more it boasts of so many users (more than 330 million - Total number of monthly active twitter users 01/2020 ) across the globe. Certainly, you can't mention the top five social media channels that have taken the marketing world by storm, without a mention of an interesting tool like Twitter.

But here is the big question: how do you stand out among numerous competitors with your tweets and get the best deals of Twitter? It's not rocket science. If you want to get the best out of this channel, you'll need to get acquainted with its undeniably powerful and efficient services. There are things you need to do before these things can happen. You need to take strategic steps; you need to engage as often as possible by tweeting; you need to improve on the quality of your content; overall, you need to believe in the results using Twitter can bring to the table. In this post, we have highlighted ways and tips will help you boost your tweets and make your content a super brand-boosting one.

Below are some basic tips that will help you boost your online presence on Twitter in particular and other social media platform in general:

Engage Forward-Backward Tactic

One thing that will make your audience continue to remain loyal is not only to tweet. Try always to check replies, comments, retweets, likes and respond to them accordingly, promptly and pleasantly. Don't just be those users who're always interested in tweeting without looking back to check if there are responses and feedback from followers. You could easily see your followership reduce if you fail to acknowledge what your followers are saying about your brand, your tweet, and your likes to others tweet.

The Twitter algorithm gives compensation to tweets that are engaging both in terms of tweets and responses to tweets. The rewards are also based on retweets, likes, comments and retweets, and favorites.

Again, the next thing you have to take very seriously is to learn to appreciate followers who like, retweet, share, or comment on your tweets. A simple ‘thank you,’ ‘thanks,' or like will do the magic that will make them like you more. If for nothing, a follower who leaves positive feedback on your tweet gives you a chance of having your tweet increase in ranking.

Do you also consider that a simple ‘thank you’ tweet will earn you greater goodwill and build a stronger relationship with customers and audience? Never ignore any like or retweets or share of comments to your tweets. The willingness of followers who you respond to their liking your tweet will spend more money buying your goods.

Why do Followers Ignore Your Tweets?

Don't just churn out a large number of tweets daily. Try to figure out what exactly your followers will like. This can easily show in the number of feedbacks and reactions they give to your tweets. Keep in mind that when you tweet and followers don't give any positive reaction either in the form of sharing, liking, commenting or retweeting, be sure that perhaps they are not interested in such content. Also, try to find out the tone of Twitter marketing. This will help you get to the heart of many of your brand followers. You could set aside some cash for social media dashboard, such as Hootsuite or Moz, the former to track analytics, and the latter to get detailed information.

Why Follow the Trends When You Can Get Creative?

If you tweet because you feel like tweeting, you’ll mess up the whole essence of marketing your brand. You’ve got to be creative while composing your tweet. Your Twitter profile and everything you push out as content represents more than mere social media things. It represents your brand, its personality, its identity and says much about the quality of people that make up your company. So, anytime you tweet a content that is badly worded you’re sending a wrong message to your customers and audience. And that is damaging to your brand. One technique you have to employ is to allow your voice to shine through your tweets. Never focus simply on bland topics or something trendy. Be creative and send out something that’s unique and perhaps out of the ordinary world.

Do more than what others are doing. Add extra bits; go the extra mile; do some research about a topic and come up with something not ordinary. Don't copy and paste headlines or comment on everything people are saying. You could quote an interesting topic of headline that you enjoy and spice it up with unique comments.

Conduct Opinion Polls for Your Audience

Twitter has many features such as the poll functionality that allows you to sample the opinions of your fans and followers on particular issues. Since the results of the polls are displayed in real time, your followers find it more fun and engaging.

Why Tell Them, When You Can Show Them?

Many Twitter users think photos and videos are not best on the channels and ignore posting them. That's wrong. If you fall into that category, please, drop that thought. You may be thinking Twitter is just a microblogging network and is not made for that purpose, but look, image and video content are superb on Twitter.

LinkedIn or Facebook may do better, but Twitter is not bad to show people what your brand is. Twitter has an option in the search section where you can add videos or photos and complement them with a couple of hashtags.

Creativity is Key

If you see your twitter account as some mini-blog, it would be easier for you to be creative and carefully think of how to craft your words to better express your message. Your audience should be able to see who you truly are shining through your tweets. Be original and try to do something different with each tweet. Let each one be uniquely entertaining and engaging. Let your followers see how engaged and passionate you are about the things you write about.

Use Hashtags Right

Hashtags are a great way to draw attention to your tweets and make them pop up more often when used the right way. Although many people don't like using them at all while many have no idea how to use them correctly, the fact remains that hashtags allow you to add some contexts to your tweets, thus enhancing them.

Connect People

It is not about you and the product or services you are marketing all the time. Sometimes you should go out of your way and use your influence to help and connect people to opportunities. You can share opportunities, job offers, or makes referrals because you never know who you might be helping. People hardly forget favors, and as they say, one good turn deserves another. Be the connector that links people to the things they have searching for, and they will never forget you and their gratitude may come in handy in future interactions and transactions.

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