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How To Make Your YouTube Channel Standout

How To Make Your YouTube Channel Standout

If you are a fan of YouTube, then you may have noted not all the channels are the same. There are some that are inviting while others are just a collection of videos scattered all over. As a business owner, you have to optimize your channel to have an edge over your competitors. Actually, there is no secret ingredient to become famous on YouTube. You just need to observe a few pointers here and there and you will have the success you desire. You can make a video and become an overnight star but making your channel famous might take time.

The following are some basic tips:


The name you give to your YouTube channel has an effect on your success. YouTube will pick the name on your Google account if you create your channel using your Gmail. However, you can change the name to suit your brand and specific business needs. The choice of name will depend on the business model that you use. For instance, if your name is Wright Jones, there may be others who have a similar name also run a YouTube channel. You can use another name based on your specialty and make it easy for internet users to locate you. If your channel is all about baking, you can use a name such as ‘Baking by Wright’ which gives YouTube followers a rough idea on what to expect on the channel.

The ideal name should be short and easy to remember. In some instances, you can shorten the name of your business and avoid using too many characters. Check out the names of your competitors in your field and note down the patterns they use. If your name is hard to pronounce and remember, then you can use a derivative and still stand out from the rest. The name does not have to be fancy but can pass a message to the target market.


YouTube is not only a social platform but also a search engine. In fact, it is the second largest search engine just after Google. Others like Yahoo and Bing are just below this social platform which means you can benefit from organic searches. Do not be lazy at creating titles if you want your channel to soar to the next level. The titles need to be not only catchy but also contain keywords that you want to rank.

You have to do some basic research on the keywords that people are searching in your niche. Let us take for instance when you want to share a review of iPhone X. An ideal title will be, “iPhone X: Review of the features of the latest iPhone”. Obviously, people who type in the keywords “ features of the latest iPhone” will be attracted by your title.

Most channel owners do not pay so much attention to the descriptions that accompany a YouTube video. Descriptions should as well have some keywords that people are searching for. The description is like a summary blog post on what is in the video. Splash the keywords on the first few sentences of your description. You should do this in moderation and avoid keyword overstuffing to avoid penalties from Google.


Some YouTubers try too hard to win the hearts of others and forget the basics. You can be yourself and still click with your target market. You do not have to maintain a serious face in all over your videos. You can have light moments but still, strike a balance between professionalism and making fun. Potential customers want an expert in your niche and that is why you should exude some level of confidence in your videos. Do not be camera shy which is very common especially when you are just starting out. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the topic matter to avoid bluffing especially when you have to face the cameras.


Humans are emotional beings and there is no better way to attract them than by creating content that connects with them emotionally. Aim at creating friendly content that people can share with friends. Know how to deal with distractors and haters on your channel. If someone offers some constructive feedback, appreciate the comments section. A like can also go a long way to send a message that you value feedback. Do not let emotions override your feedback especially when some users try to tarnish your brand and efforts. You can always ignore such comments or show some love even where there is hate.


A thumbnail is simply the overview or the image that appears when an internet user is scrolling through search results. YouTube offers several options of auto-generated thumbnails when you upload a video. You can select the most appealing if you are just starting out on YouTube marketing. There is also an option to upload custom thumbnails if you want your channel to stand out from far.

Research from YouTube indicates that videos with custom thumbnails are among the top 10% in terms of performance. You can use key information and clear imagery to make your content look more polished. Including a headshot or your logo on the thumbnail can increase the visibility of your brand on the search engines. Most of the YouTube users browse through mobile devices. You thus have to ensure that the thumbnail is clear from all the devices.

However, it is worth noting that you cannot install custom thumbnails unless you verify your account. Verification is not that hard and you just need to include a phone number where YouTube sends a verification code. The idea behind verification is to ensure that the site is dealing with a real person and not a robot.

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