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How To Monetize Instagram

how to monetize instagram


Become A Micro-Influencer

We talked about the importance of micro-influencers in other posts of our blog and how they can help you to make your brand more profitable, and the good news is that you can become one yourself.

As a micro-influencer, you will be able to work with brands across your niche to promote their product to your dedicated audience.

But how can you become an influencer to promote others if you are already counting on micro-influencers to promote your own brand?

The answer is easy: because you’ll be at the forefront of your brand, you’ll soon be recognized as an authority in your niche.

That means that you can use a personal account to discuss stuff that matters to your audience outside of your brand. What will happen is that newer brands as well as big brands will reach out to you to hire you as an influencer. Who knows? You might even end up becoming a big name in the influencer industry!

Become An Instagram Marketing Consultant

You can use the expertise that you’ll get promoting your own brand to start an Instagram Marketing business. That means that you can offer your Instagram Marketing services to help small businesses to get off the ground with a well-executed Instagram marketing plan. You can use your own brands as proof of your work!

Sell Videos And Digital Goods

You can easily use Instagram posts to sell digital goods. All you’ll have to do is to publish short pieces of content as Instagram posts to tease long-form content such as eBooks and videos.

All you’ll have to do is to add a link to your digital goods store to your bio, to use the first 150 characters in your posts to write the piece of content that you are going to promote, and to use the lower space to add a call to action to tell users to visit your digital goods store by clicking on the link in your bio!

Work With Sponsored Posts

You can use your own brand’s account to promote offers from other brands in your niche. This can work very well because you are already promoting to an audience that trusts you as a brand and that likes the quality of your products or services.

We recommend you to only promote products that can complement your own products, or services that add value to your products. Also, you have to make sure to have a sizeable and qualified audience before you use your brand’s account to create sponsored posts.

Create An Instagram App

This is an advanced-level monetization strategy, but if you have the technical know-how to create an app or have the money to hire a freelance developer that can create it for you, then give it a go, because you can potentially earn thousands!

You have to start by identifying a problem that Instagram users and marketers have. Then you’ll have to come up with several solutions that can be implemented through an app. For example, you could develop an app that makes it easier for desktop users to use Instagram the same way that a mobile user would. Then you have to plan it out, develop it, test it, publish it, and promote it!

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