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What is BERT SEO

What is BERT SEO

BERT is an acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It is an algorithm that is utilized by Google, to improve its current AI capabilities for deciphering the words people speak. It focuses on the context of words used. Context, in this case, refers to surrounding target words.


The BERT SEO update will have an effect on both voice searches, and manual searches on the World Wide Web using Google as a search engine.  In terms of SEO, there’s some parts that can be upgraded to help BERT to better understand your content. It’s important to be very specific and exact. Make sure you have checked the spelling and grammar of your searches, because BERT works with Google to understand the meaning of searches, so it's based on context.  Keywords are still important, but aren’t necessarily the same terms in the text.  Keywords should be viewed as topics, around which the text is built. Keywords will still be utilized in content, but there is not a quota for optimization.  BERT SEO is all about the quality of content. This means content has to be concise, on topic, has correct grammar and spelling, and is conversational.


Websites are constructed to be user friendly, not for the purpose of search engines. A Table of Contents will help BERT decipher the context of the language in your content. BERT is all about context. It will be important to group together various pieces of content based on their sub topic, or subheading, this will make it easier for BERT and other search engines to optimize your  SEO content. Since voice searches have increased over the years, you should take time to edit the content on your site to sound more casual and conservational.


The BERT update assists Google to do a detailed search of every word used in your content. So, don’t use passy language, or unnecessary jargon in your content. Be very clever and direct. Having a concise, succinct FAQ section on your site that utilizes keywords will help generate traffic and keyword searches. BERT helps Google to decode users' search intent. To optimize this, research the targeted keywords users will search to find your site.  Another way to improve your site is to use Backlinks. BERT can be improved in several ways to make content perform better on Google. 

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