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Social Media Success Metrics

social media success metrics

Traffic by Channel

You can measure your traffic by channel by using tools like BuzzSumo and others. This way, you can know where your traffic is coming from. Increased engagement means that your topic resonates with your targeted audience. Low engagement means your topic needs improvements.

Direct Response Metrics

Measure how your customers and followers react to the content you post and share, because it is important for any marketing strategy. These metrics help you to figure out whether your targeted audience shows interest in what you’re publishing and inform you of the content type you should post in the future.

Conversion from Social Media

You know the traffic that’s coming from social media channels, now you need to know how to calculate how many leads are being converted. To find the conversion rate for social media, divide traffic from social media with the total traffic. The value you get is the number of visits you want to impact. If your conversion rate is higher, your social media marketing is successful.

Monitor Motions

Your audience is talking about you continuously, and you need to be part of the conversations. Tracking your mentions in essential, and you achieve this by activating notifications on your social media accounts. If your followers aren’t tagging you, use a third-party tool to track mentions on Twitter and other social accounts.

Sample Case

Through Social Media First Fruit Wellness Center Expands to Three Locations. One of the major challenges facing the most digital marketing campaigns is converting prospects into leads. However, First Fruit wellness had a distinctive and personal touch on social media marketing. By engaging with every follower, this Wellness center created close relationships with their prospects online.

The Challenge

The Wellness center needed to show their clients that they needed them. It needed to reach those prospects interested in improving their health and show the value of their service to the customers before they visited their center.

Many social media campaigns aim to achieve brand awareness. However, First Fruit Wellness center took things a notch higher by actively engaging its followers- finding out information about their health and goal, and encouraging them to visit the center and see how they can be helped.

For bigger companies, this interaction set up seems demanding, but for a brick-and-mortar organization like this wellness center, these kinds of personalized interactions eventually result to lead generation. 

The Solution


Building Their Content Marketing

First Fruit Wellness center built an audience initially through content marketing. Engagement won’t function without already existing followers. The first step the company took to creating social media campaigns was to curate sharable content, posting interesting content, and interacting with similar brands.

Connecting with followers Directly

When followers started connecting with the wellness center, the marketing team began interacting with them, immediately inquiring about their interests and goals.

This kind of personal interaction is quite rare in today’s social media; therefore it not only served the purpose of creating strong relationships with customers but also showed them this brand was different.

Converting the Followers

The ultimate goal was lead generation–the marketing needed to get the followers to visit the center. When the relationship was strong enough, the First Fruit Wellness center convinced prospects to visit the center to learn more about the center and how it could help them out. By converting a lead in this way, about all the nurturing was done in online platforms.

Our Take 


In this era, most of your customers are on social media. They are not only searching for your brand and buying your products, but they also share opinions and experiences relating to your brand and business.

So, you need to listen. Create an effective social media plan that will let you be part of the conversations taking place online, as well as interacting with your customers. If you want to increase your traffic, grow your leads, and increase your sales, it is high time to establish a social media presence—if you don’t have one.

However, a great social media plan is not a one-time thing; it’s not set in stone. It is a constant and gradual process that requires you to make slight tweaks to your strategies every time. It’s therefore important to learn how it works, so you can maximize it to grow your business and your audience.

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