Increase Instagram Video Engagement with These 6 Tips |

Increase Instagram Video Engagement with These 6 Tips

Increase Instagram Video Engagement with These 6 Tips

When posting on Instagram, you have to provide consistent content that is both Instagram-friendly and provides traffic-generating words and phrases. While posting pictures regularly will gain you notice, posting videos will increase comments and involvement.

To optimize Instagram videos, you need to make an all-out effort to engage your audience through all the channels used on the social media site.

So, what steps should you take?

Getting Video Comments

To get people involved in your video content, they need to be involved in all aspects of your postings. To make this happen, you need to do the following:

1. Post on a Regular Basis

Whether you post videos or pictures, you need to be regularly seen on Instagram. You can only do this by consistently adding postings to the site.

2. Tell a Story but Don't Preach

You don't need to be the interpreter of your video content. You will gain more credibility by merely telling a story. Let your audience offer their viewpoints and insights.

3. Support a Strong and Positive Brand Image

To support a strong brand, you need to present your company profile, maintain fresh-looking images and videos, and master the use of hashtags. Interacting with Instagram followers on a routine basis will increase engagement and customer loyalty. Doing so will give your brand a strong and positive image.

4. Ensure a Consistent Visual Feed

To engage and do well on Instagram, your visual feed should stay consistent. Therefore, you need to focus on presenting aesthetically pleasing visual content. Most instagram users like diverse perspectives and authentic videos. 

Candid shots and earthy yet muted tones work well on the platform. Avoid touching the colors on your visual content - just brighten the imagery. That will give your photos and videos a more natural feel. Some people even prefer a no-edit image or video.

Give Your Videos and Pictures the Same Look and Feel

Also, make your video or picture look consistent each time you post. What type of feeling does your video or picture provoke? Does it reflect the image you want your brand to convey? Those are the questions to ask when adding any kind of visual imagery.

5. Use Closed Captioning and Subtitles

To increase your reach, you should also use closed captioning and subtitles on your videos. After all, how can you engage more people if you don't make it easy for them to communicate? By adding closed captioning and subtitles, you can increase engagement and Instagram comments.

6. Promote Instagram Videos on Other Media Accounts and Channels

If you want to share your Instagram video, add it, as well, on other social media accounts. Doing so will sync your exposure and give you a competitive edge.


To optimize Instagram videos, you need a clear-cut plan of action. The above tips will help you formulate a strategy that will increase video engagement and enhance your brand identity.

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