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7 Tips to Create Great Content on Instagram

Tips to Create Great Content on Instagram

The following guidelines have been computed for you, following them, you’ll be able to create great contents on Instagram:

- The theme of your contents;

- Create your own identity & voice;

- Use high-quality photos/image enhancement;

- Text;

- Take timing seriously;

- Image subjects;

- Location & people.

1. The theme of your Contents:

It is imperative that a regular content theme is established, or authentic pillars, particularly for your brand, are developed. The content is to be put so that they are suited for the Instagram platform. It is also important that your posts completely aligns with these pillars you have developed. What this does is that it opens the ground for a variety of content that also remains consistent over time. Your target audience particularly your followers will have in mind what to expect from your brand on Instagram as you continue to strengthen key brand associations.

2. Create your own identity & voice:

Building a structure for bringing your brand’s identity to life on Instagram, based on the set of goals and objectives you have put together for your business. You must be deliberate with the words you choose in representing your brand.

These words reflect your brand’s voice and tone; whatever the feelings are, that you want your followers to identify your brand with; and the role you desire that your brand to play in their lives. This structure you build will guide your content, and most certainly, it will ultimately determine the experience that the audience has when viewing your images.

3. Use High-quality photos/Image enhancement:

High-quality photos, serve as a backdrop for text and graphics, they are a splendid way to display your brand’s outlook and feel. Instagram filter features are there for a reason: to be used; to help your images give a pleasant and professional appeal to its viewer. So, do adjust your photos with filters and other tools that are available through the Instagram app.

The effects that the Instagram app affords the images give provides that special, unmistakable "Instagram" identity that people love to respond to.

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4. Text:

Make sure you keep captions short and fresh. You must learn to always input hashtags where necessary, however not so many that they then take away from the simplicity of the post. More light will be shed on how to skilfully make use of hashtags to your best benefit.

From time to time, ensure you ask questions in the captions of your images. This is so that you can keep your followers engaged and interested.

5. Take Timing seriously:

Be sure to moderate per day, the number of posts you make. The reason for this is so that you can create and maintain a consistent but non-intrusive presence. Experts in Instagram marketing recommend that your post should be anywhere from 1-3 posts per day. You can experiment from time to time with posting at different times of day while closely monitoring the engagement. Note that when you are posting content from a live event on Instagram, it is imperative that you consider creating a completely different account so that you do not risk annoying your followers by holding their feeds to ransom.

6. Image subjects:

In order to create a unique experience on your Instagram page, post photos and videos of unexpected moments and as well as behind-the-scenes moments that feel authentic, spontaneous and immediate. This will help ensure a form of emotional connection you want to be having between your brand and its potential or actual consumers. The simple truth is that what most people love to enjoy from any social media platform they make use of is insider-access.

Your customers need to have a feel of being a part of your brand, and this is most certainly a thing Instagram can help your brand sell to its customers and the general public. Experts have been recommending to Instagram marketers to avoid bombarding their page with overly promotional images or those ones that are basically redirected from other channels. The thing is these photos do not fit in, and they often look out of place on the medium, and it simply inhibits the establishment of a crystal clear and well distinct brand identity and voice.

7. Location & people:

You should make it a regular action to add the location of your photo or video as you upload them. Ensure you make use of the add People feature in tagging accounts in your uploads, the aim of this that they will aid you in your quest to get your brand a larger audience and you have permission (i.e., Brand partners, celebrities, Entertainment enterprise, spokespeople, etc.)

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