How The YouTube Algorithm Works? |

How The YouTube Algorithm Works?

How The YouTube Algorithm Works

YOUTUBE STATISTICS show marvelous numbers. It’s the second largest search engine after Google and has around 2 billion unique users. It is the First source for video content.

Publishing video content on YouTube grants you many advantages: 


- Getting traffic to your website.

- Help you rank in Google search results. You can see that some YouTube videos shows up in Google while searching for certain phrases.

- Videos are easy sharable to other networks as Facebook and twitter or website blog posts. You can get additional views from there.

- YouTube advertising is another option to consider if your other social platforms are not doing well.

However, businesses should look at YouTube not as a pure social media channel for businesses, it a search engine and a content marketing window. People come to search and consume content, not come and scroll for bombarded feed as in Facebook and instagram.

How the YouTube algorithm works?

YouTube declares that:

“The goals of YouTube’s search and discovery system are twofold: help viewers find the videos they want to watch, and maximize long-term viewer engagement and satisfaction.”

So videos uploaded to YouTube should be relevant and engaging. The first step is to prepare your video to YouTube SEO, and which includes video titles, descriptions, and tags. You should be able to identify the relevant keywords for YouTube search and add it to your video. The second important step is to make you video engaging, and push viewers to see as much as possible of the video; hence increase:

• Watch time: which is the total accumulated amount of time people has spent watching your video on YouTube.

• Audience retention: This is the average percentage of your video watched. If they your views watch till the half of your video, then it’s 50% audience retention. Increasing audience retention will increase the total number of hours watched of your video.

And what are the YouTube ranking factors?


- Video title

- Description

- Tags

- Captions

- Thumbnail image


- Watch time

- Audience retention

- Likes/dislikes

- Views, comments and shares

- Subscribers

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