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13 Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising

13 Benefits of LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn has the highest saturation of professionals and enterprise decision-makers. This makes it unique compared to other social media networks.

Thus, your advert is more likely to reach the targeted audience for business than any other network.

The following are some of the benefits of LinkedIn advertising: 


1. It is highly targeted

With such a high concentration of professionals, executives and business leaders, this makes the best place to expose your B2B (Business-to-Business) advert.

2. It is well-suited for B2B advertising

Generally, LinkedIn is not suitable for B2C (Business-to-Consumer) kind of advertising. This is where other social media do well. However, LinkedIn is unrivaled when it comes to B2B targeting. With LinkedIn, your advert is more likely going to grab attention of the eyes of the companies’ top captains than on other social networks.

3. A great variety of ads to choose from

LinkedIn has a unique form of advertising compared to other social media. Its advertising features are highly personalized for a professional touch. Besides that, they are plenty of options to choose from that suit your particular needs. As we shall see later under the section "How to Use LinkedIn Ads", there are a variety of unique Ad types not found in any other social media.

4. Easy connection with influencers

LinkedIn has 61 million high influencers. The biggest advantage is that most of them are professional influencers. As such, they are highly likely to connect with you if your business aligns with their professional needs. They are not the highly aggressive types that are in for monetary inducements.

5. Long-form content marketing

Unlike other social media, LinkedIn provides an opportunity for long-form content marketing. Long-form content allows you to dwell deeper into your brand and make your audience have an incisive perspective. Since most of the people on the LinkedIn are professionals, they are more adept at such content as it enables them to understand your company and brand much better.

6. Better SEO

According to Hubspot study, LinkedIn does well on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placements as a network that delivers the best improvement in search rankings per activity. Thus, you are more likely to get traffic to your website from LinkedIn activity than from any other social media activity.

7. Leveraging LinkedIn groups for your adverts

Most of the highly impactful business activities take place within LinkedIn groups. It is from these groups that you are able to gain personalized professional touch. LinkedIn groups are good for content marketing. Thus, you can use your posts and discussions in LinkedIn groups to advertise your brand in the subtlest way yet experience a much better outcome.

8. Reach out to high-income professionals

LinkedIn demographic has a high concentration of senior professionals who range in the 30-59-year age bracket and an average income of $75,000 per year. Not only are a significant number of them in positions capable of making B2B purchase decisions, but they too have higher purchasing power for consumption. This means that if you are dealing with high-end consumer products and services, you are more likely going to receive a better response.

9. Filters for advanced targeting to industry-specific variables

LinkedIn focuses on industry-specific variables for targeting audience. Such variables include:

• Industry

• Company size

• Company name

• Skill

• Degree type and name

• Seniority

• Job function

• Job title

These parameters are highly suitable for B2B targeting. They are also good for B2C targeting when it comes to offering professional opportunities such as recruitment.

10. High-level lead nurturing capabilities

LinkedIn has Lead Accelerator feature. This feature allows one to track high net-worth prospects and precisely target them. It also offers opportunities for list-based advertising and remarketing to recent web visitors. All these features help to nurture leads on their journey to becoming customers.

11. Set own campaign

LinkedIn has a self-serve interface that allows one to easily setup own advertising campaign without requiring external help. This makes it easy for small-scale business without an adequate budget to higher specialists to do this on their own. Nonetheless, self-serve features are more elaborate and more advanced such that regardless of the firm size, the purpose is well served.

12. Get the ‘right’ clicks

LinkedIn high-precision parameters make it easy to get the right high-value clicks rather than plenty of low-value clicks with a low viability of conversion. It is better to get fewer clicks that convert than so many clicks that hardly convert. If your campaign is based on CPC, then, this guarantees you high ROI on your investment.

13. Higher conversion rates

With the right audience, advanced filtering, specialized lead nurturing and focus on the right clicks, you are guaranteed higher conversion rates compared to other social media networks.

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