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30 Best Practices To Grow Your Instagram Account

30 Best Practices to Grow your Instagram account

YOU NEED TO PLOT YOUR own strategic marketing spirit for your Instagram profile.


1.  Produce high-quality visuals.


2.  Tell a story behind the photo or video.

3.  Use hashtags - around 10.

4.  Style your feed. In addition, many brands use the same filters in all their posts.

5. Choose a layout. And schedule posts using these apps PLANNPREVIEW.

6. Caption professionally.

7. Add some call to action phrases to caption (link in bio, tag you friend, double tap if you agree, leave a comment ...).

8. Keep an eye on you competition best practices.


9. Engage fully with your fans, and show them some love.

10. Cross promote your Instagram profile on other social platforms.

11. Embed Instagram posts on your website.

12. Avoid spammy practices, as you might get shadowbanned by Instagram.


13. Go live to bypass the competition.

14. Exploit direct messaging option, by which you could also survey particular accounts about something.

15. Ask questions and involve your fans.

16. Hold contests of photo challenge for example using targeted hashtags for submission. Or you could ask for likes and tags for your posts or call for email subscription.

17. Use giveaways to promote yourself and reward your fans, choose randomly.

18. Find your optimal posting time based on your followers engagement.

19. Push people to turn on notifications from your account.

20. Add line breaks to your bio and caption. It will make it look clearer. You can use Plann app or Preview app for Instagram to master the scheduling and Instagram layout.

21. Share behind the scenes activities.


22. Use location geotags.

23. Exploit Bommerang and Superzoom features.

24. Add hashtags to stories.


25. Survey your audience and Gather feedback using polls or rating emojis.

26. Host instagram takeovers by influencers.


27. Use photo and video editing applications to enhance your content quality.

28. Add story links as swipe up options. Available for accounts more than 10,000 Instagram followers.

29. Use the story highlight feature. It allows brands to showcase their most important content to users in the profile main page.

30. Check your story insights in terms of views and interactions.

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