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2021 Top Trends on YouTube

2021 Top Trends on YouTube
Top Trends on YouTube - 2021

With more than 50 million videos published daily, there is no doubt that YouTube hosts a whole wide range of video genres in a whole slew of languages.

Do you need to cook something but you don’t know what you’re doing? YouTube can help.

Are you learning to play guitar? You can make use of tutorial videos.

There are so many different things that you can find or publish on YouTube, but there are some niches that are generally more popular than others. In 2020 and going into 2021, there are some very clear winners that dominate the general viewership base on YouTube. These include:

Comedy videos or skits

Dramatic videos that are meant to generally be enjoyable or relatable are among some of the most popular types of videos that you will find published on YouTube. Typically, these YouTubers are then broken down through several different niches. However, some of the most common tend to be self-deprecating, or otherwise poke fun at something or someone. These videos are highly popular and can be seen all across the internet.

Beauty videos

With so many different ways that people can look, there is a practically unlimited amount of options when it comes to doing one’s makeup. With as many colors, styles, and different skin tones, facial shapes, and other factors that you could go on and create a wide range of options. Some people choose to create makeup tutorials while others may choose to appeal to explaining their general routines that they use so that they can go through everything that they need to do to get the looks they use.

Gaming streaming

Many people turn to YouTube for gaming videos and they create all sorts of different forms of material. In particular, there are videos of people playing games, completing challenges, and otherwise enjoying the time that they spend playing online. There are all sorts of different videos, walkthroughs, and more. The most common is through making use of let’s play videos, which involves the YouTuber recording their play through a game from start to finish.

Tech videos

Those who film themselves talking about tech tend to do so by reviewing items. They will go through unboxing videos and offer their own opinions on the devices that they are using and what they think about them.

Family streamers

Some people choose to stream their lives and their families through vlogging—they depict their day to day lives and what they do with their children to share with the world. This works great for some people and can show many great milestones, such as going to school or going on vacation. They are often relatable and funny.


Some people utilize the lifestyle category. These people usually discuss various interests, personal lives, and current events that they are following. Typically, these people vlog regularly, telling a lot about themselves to the world in hopes of getting those views. They usually genuinely enjoy what they talk about and share with the world.


Just as with beauty, fashion gets its own niche as well. People in the fashion niche typically spend their time talking about clothing or other various accessories and what they choose to think or use about them. When you look at people in the fashion category, you will probably be getting reviews of items, as well as learning about what is in style at the moment. The most successful fashion YouTubers also eventually begin to create their own personal style that they follow and then spend time showcasing their looks that they create within it. They may even begin making their own clothing lines as well.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Some YouTubers specialize in a niche known as DIY. They teach people how to make their own items instead of having to purchase them already made for them. DIY videos can vary greatly—if it teaches someone to do something, it is probably a DIY video. Some may advertise DIY solutions for making use of items that they might not normally use at that point.


Travel videos are great options for showcasing the world. They work well to show people’s vacations off. Some people who study abroad vlog their journeys as well, showing off everything that they are learning and doing. Others may choose other options such as recording their general travel, whether for work or personal pleasure. Some people even make it a point to travel specifically to create more content.

Health and fitness

There is no shortage of health and fitness vloggers either. There are  many people who spend plenty of time filming their workout routines or their journeys to fitness. Some will show video feedback of their entire workout while others will simply post small snippets of it or guides to specific exercises. However, this is a great way to make sure that everything is all lined up.


Some of the most common posters at any point in time are vloggers. Vloggers spend time filming and broadcasting their lives. They may show videos of themselves going through everything that they do throughout their day, or they may use cameras facing them directly. Either way, the vloggers will usually find a way to create stories even when the events are normal, and they are also capable of creating commentary on the fly, giving them a feel of friendship when you watch them over time.


The cooking genre is highly popularized by the fact that so many people love to enjoy good foods or love to explore new recipes. With as many options for food as there are, it should come as no surprise that there are so many different options.

If you want to watch people making foods that are inspired by television or movies? You can do that.

If you want to see someone creating a new recipe? That’s possible, too.

You can see meals that are easy to make, are specific to a certain cuisine type, or even are over-the-top extravagant.


There are also learning videos that are published as well. From explaining the circulatory system in terms that a kindergartener can understand to explanations of understanding a new language or even how to make pizza dough, you can see all sorts of new things. You can learn just about anything on YouTube, and that means that you can potentially make money teaching people how to do things that you know. Do you have some sort of eclectic skill that could be taught to other people? You can make use of it here—teach the people around you these unique skills that you have. Or, you can create videos to teach younger children counting, the alphabet, or anything else as well.


Music videos are highly popularized on YouTube as well. Many hit musicians post their music and their music videos on the platforms for people to find them. But, even novices or amateur artists sometimes post up their music or covers for other people to enjoy as well. Some take it a step further and utilize YouTube as a way that they can share their choreography and dance routines, or tutorials as well.

Pranks and challenges

Some of the most popular videos are those that centralize around pranking other people in big ways. There have been videos that have involved pranking people by gluing things together, or by startling people after asking them to do something. There are also challenges where people are told that they have to do something in a set amount of time or face the consequences. Either way, these types of videos are greatly entertaining and several popular YouTubers centralize around these ideas.

Art and design

Some people like to show off their artistic talent on YouTube. Sometimes, they will record the process of them creating the art that they show off and others, they choose to make it clear that they are capable of creating the work that they are doing. They will create so that other people can watch them. Some do tutorials as they go, explaining how they do what they do or why they choose to do things in that way.

Sports and sports commentary

Sports are such a major part of human life—and as such, are highly popularized when it comes to viewing a successful YouTube channel. You can see people choosing to create these channels to follow certain teams, sports, or even just show fun mistakes made for a few laughs. Sometimes, there are also tutorials and reviews on people’s skills.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos

ASMR videos skyrocketed into popularity relatively recently. ASMR itself is that sensation that makes you feel like someone is lightly touching your skin. Through the use of certain sounds, the ASMR sensation can be triggered and many people find that they are incredibly relaxing to use as well. They love being able to relax through them. They usually involve certain themes.

Animation sharing

Some YouTubers use the site as their forum to share animations with the rest of the world. They create stories through their own skills. They usually publish really short videos, just a few minutes long, that will show off some sort of story. Others may use slightly longer videos. However, it can be a great way to share those fun clips.


YouTubers who vlog about conspiracies will sit down and defend unconventional beliefs. They will publish videos in hopes of convincing others to see things their way as well. Usually, these types of videos will hone in on certain events or people and try to explain them in a way that goes against the normal grain.

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