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10 Quick Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account

10 Quick Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account

There is a lot of information to take in when you are starting a Instagram business account or trying to grow one, so I have provided some quick tips that I think are important to read:


1 - Try to make your posts during high traffic hours like noon, when people are on their lunch breaks.

2 - If someone comments on your picture, like their comment and reply to them.

3 - When someone follows your account, follow them back.

4 - Always respond to messages in your inbox in a timely manner.

5 - Be sure to add your email, website, and phone number to your profile, if you have them.

6 - Be respectful, the reputation of your business is on the line.

7 - Be sure to check out ‘insights’ for some really great stats about your account.

8 - Get creative by using Instagram stories to share videos and pictures with your followers.

9 - If you are brave enough, try using Instagram live video streaming.

10 - You can add multiple pictures to one post, they will appear as a slideshow.

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