YouTube Fun Facts 2020 |

YouTube Fun Facts 2020

YouTube Fun Facts 2020
YouTube Fun Facts 2020


10 Most Subscribed To YouTube Channels in 2020:

1. T-Series with 168 million subscribers

2. PewDiePie with 108 million subscribers

3. Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes with 102 million subscribers

4. SET India with 93.1 million subscribers

5. Kids Diana Show with 72.7 million subscribers

6. WWE with 71.7 million subscribers

7. 5-Minute Crafts with 70.4 million subscribers

8. Zee Music Company with 67.3 million subscribers

9. Like Nastya Vlog with 67.3 million subscribers

10. Canal KondZilla with 62.7 million subscribers

The First Youtube Channels To Launch On The Site In 2005:

Barats and Bereta (sketch comedy)

Rebecca Black (singer)

Brookers (comedy)

Iman Crosson (comedy)

Darude (music)

Lisa Donovan (entertainment)

How It Should Have Ended (web series)

Smosh (sketch comedy)

Venus Records & Tapes (India)

Cory Williams (entertainment)

The Young Turks (news)

Current Top-Rated Cameras For Filming YouTube Videos:

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Sony RX100 Mark VII

DJI Osmo Pocket

GoPro Hero9 Black

DJI Osmo Action

Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Sony A6600

Panasonic GH5

Sigma fp

Huawei P30 Pro

Top 11 Current Youtube Channel Themes:

1. Unboxing videos (opening products, subscription boxes, and devices)

2. Reviewing gadgets (incredibly lucrative if you review products that you have an affiliate link for so that you can earn not only AdSense but also affiliate income)

3. Reaction videos (reacting to popular videos, TV shows, music, and films) 

4. Gaming videos (streaming a gaming session) 

5. Daily hack videos (tips and tricks for everyday life) 

6. Prank videos (recording reactions from playing pranks on people) 

7. Fitness and health videos (exercise and weight-loss) 

8. Cooking videos (baking, instapot, and slow cooker recipes, and special diets such as Keto)

9. Make-up tutorial videos (how-tos and reviews) 

10. Animated videos (videography and animation) 

11. Animal and pet videos (vlogs with your pets, care how-to’s, and product reviews)

Current Top YouTube Earners:

1. Ryan’s World (toy reviews) - $26 million 

2. Dude Perfect (tricks and stunts) - $20 million 

3. Like Nastya (toy reviews) - $18 million 

4. Jeffree Star (beauty) - $17 million 

5. DanTDM (gaming) - $16.5 million 

6. PewDiePie (gaming) - $15.5 million 

7. VanossGaming (gaming) - $15.5 million 

8. Logan Paul (pranks) - $14.5 million 

9. Markiplier (gaming) - $13 million 

10. Jake Paul (pranks) - $11.5 million

Current Top 12 Most Popular Social Media Sites:

1. Facebook 

2. YouTube 

3. Whatsapp 

4. Messenger 

5. WeChat 

6. Instagram 

7. TikTok 

8. Linkedin 

9. Snapchat 

10. Twitter 

11. Reddit 

12. Pinterest

Current Top 10 Youtube Marketing Advice Channels: 

1. Neil Patel

2. Entrepreneur 

3. Google Webmasters

4. Google Analytics

5. Backlinko

6. Dottotech

7. WPBeginner – Word Press Tutorials

8. Ahrefs

9. Lisa Irby

10. HubSpot

Top YouTube Controversies In 2020:

1. ImJayStation faking his girlfriend’s death for subs 

2. Shane Dawson’s rise and fall 

3. Myka Stauffer rehoming her adopted son 

4. Miranda Sings exposed for past racist remarks 

5. Jenna Marbles quitting the site 

6. Drama in the beauty community between James Charles, Jeffree Starr, and Tati Westbrook 

7. YouTube stars having parties despite the COVID-19 pandemic 

8. Jake Paul involved in looting during the George Floyd protests 

9. Pewdiepie 

10. Brie Larson starting a channel

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