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What About Getting Famous On Tiktok?

getting famous on tiktok
17 Awesome Tips To Become Famous On The TikTok Platform

Everybody likes fame, but not everyone gets it. Only those people are renowned and become famous/influential who work hard to achieve it. I've compiled this list after carefully analyzing the top TikTok influencers.

Follow these rules, one day, you'll be an TikTok influencer:

1.  Make Your Picture Stand Out

When someone first watches your video and likes it, it is likely that they will swipe over your profile to see it. The first thing he notices after swiping is your profile image. The first impression is the last. Upload an attractive profile picture and get the user's attention. You can edit your photos through any Picsart, Snapseed, and other photo editing apps.

2.  Write Amazing Bio

Following a first view on the profile image; people check the organics of the account. Craft yourself in the bio section in the best way. Use grammarly, free grammar, and orthographer to avoid errors while writing content. Also, do not neglect to add a link to your profile to YouTube and Instagram.

Tip: Don't rely on a platform. A recent example is Mr faisu 007, an Indian TikToker who has more than 20 M TikTok followers but is now suspended. He's now uploading Instagram content, which he grew to 7 M through TikTok.

To optimize your account, you can read this blog post and switch to a professional account for free. Some people love to dance while others love to cook. If you love both, create two accounts instead of one and post corresponding content. There are accounts that post particular niche contents rather than mixed contents. TikTok's most popular niches are dance, humor, lip-sync videos, cooking, crafts, etc.

3.  Post More Content

There is an endless debate between a few times posting high-quality content or regular content quality. I don't know which side you support. I always win (almost every time) to post more content. Posting more content allows you greater exposure and is much more likely than others to create a viral video.

4.  Create Out-Of-The-Box Stuff

Create original contents. While original content requires more effort, it also pays off. It is difficult to create original content in the early days, but you can overcome this obstacle by practice. Get used to creating five scripts every day for your videos and select the best for video creation. Your brain will usually think out of the box in a month.

5.  Participate In Challenges

Take on challenges and monitor new challenges so that you can follow them in front of others. Early videos on any challenge get as much traction as they do after millions accept it. Create the best content in your posts and use the relevant hashtags. Today, hashtags are the backbone of any social media content. Platforms use it to classify content, so don't forget to add it to your videos. In each video, add 2-3 hashtags. Don't repeatedly use the same hashtags. Sometimes you use less popular hashtags. After specific hashtags, TikTok does not support it. This piece could be attached in the future. The creation of content with hashtags will certainly increase your TikTok followers.

6.  Be Consistent

More supporters are regularly posted on social media. Create and post a specific schedule on a regular basis. Create a schedule of 8 videos a week. In one day, don't upload all the videos. Post a day or two. Sometimes you visit a good place or participate in a local event and create lots of videos. Do not upload all of them in 2-3 days at once.

7.  Add A "Fimal" Travel In Your Videos

Videos with two persons perform much better than single videos. You can quickly increase your TikTok views and followers by toping your videos with a "female" element. Just as "Redbull gives you wings," girl gives you wings. This girl could be your sister, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Make her videos. Make some videos of girls if you disagree and check the difference.

Some videos are extremely popular; don't waste that opportunity, make similar videos, or troll them with a remake or positive criticism.

8.  Recreate Popular Videos

Diversification does not mean that you create videos outside your niche. Diversification means you don't just stick to videos that synchronize lips. You can dance, add a soundtrack of your own. Music adds soul to video.

9.  Best Soundtracks

Instead of creating exceptional visual content alone, be careful to select a soundtrack. Due to the soundtrack, many average videos are popular. A past example was the viral soundtrack of Thomas Shelby.

10.  High-Quality Videos

Three ways to improve your video quality. The best equipment is used. Use high-quality cameras and lighting to produce high-quality videos. Do the best editing of videos. Always follow trends in video editing. Use editing applications to create inviting videos. InShot, Timbre, Funimate, Vizmato are some of the best video editing apps. Neon editing nowadays is trending. You can also outsource it with Fiverr freelancers from $5. At best, dress up and always capture.

Abusive comments are common on TikTok. If you live in a religious country, posting videos or bikini can lead to numerous abusive comments. According to the algorithm of TikTok, videos with several comments get a boost on TikTok and eventually give rise to more views, tiktok likes, and followers. If your feelings are hurt by abusive comments, turn the comments off. Otherwise, haters can bark.

An influencer is nothing without followers/fans, so interact always with them. You can interact with them by answering their observations. You can take it to the next level by commenting on its content.

11.  Hijack Attention From Other's Videos

Growth is slow in the early days. You can increase your growth by adding comments on the videos of other creators. Just follow two rules and add comments. Comment on viral videos or creators who follow a lot. Write eye-catching comments and pertinent comments.

12.  Cross-Promote Your Videos

Cross-promotion is one of the best way to increase the follower base on tiktok without creating additional content. Promote your videos across the board. It demands a lot of work to build content, so upload it to all social platforms. Upload it as the history of Instagram, post it on facebook, twitter, etc. Some TikTokers even upload their old content to TikTok by re-uploading their previous hit videos. You can also do it.

13.  Collaborate With Others

A win-win situation for all. This is a mutual way to promote one another. Always work with people with the same niche. Collaborate with others, whether you have 100 or 100 K followers. Ask people to work with similar supporters. Don't ask the 10k follower person to cooperate if you have 100.

Sunny Leone, for example, a hot Bollywood actress, is cooperating with Awez Darbar, a famous 15M+ Indian TikToker. Positive content always brings wonderful results.

14.  Create Positive Content

Some people use it beautifully to increase their commitment. You can build awareness of any environmental protection issue to support any NGO irrespective of your niche. Anyone is always admired by positive vibes.

15.  Flow With Trends

Keeps an eye on the trends right now. Make content about it immediately. It can be a trending song/music, a challenge with hashtags, video play, imitation.

Tip: keep an eye on the trend section to get ideas about trending music/video. Hashtags on Twitter can also help you.

16.  Ask For Feedback

Only if he/she knows where he/she is lacking can someone improve. The best way to understand your shortfalls is to ask for feedback. Ask your followers about how you can improve your lack. After receiving feedback, appreciate and work on good suggestions.

17.  Go Live

Keep your audience in touch, and the best way to do this is to go live. Go live and chat with your followers very often. When you go live, TikTok notifies your followers and makes your videos more engaged. 

Some followers are obsessed with creating videos with you and fulfilling their wishes by creating a video with them. These crazy fans upload content that features you and market mouths too. Finally, it will show you before a new audience.

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