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3 Reasons to Love Facebook

3 Reasons to Love Facebook

In this post you'll check what we consider the three main reasons why anyone who wants to start a business, you must do it through Facebook:

1) You can find almost anyone

Including that ideal client you expect so much. Facebook can allow you to find almost anyone, either by placing your real name on the search bar, or your phone number or email. But when it comes to talking about business, we are not looking for a customer in specific, true, but rather to all customers that can, which have certain specific characteristics. This can be done through the segmentation filters, which allow you to do that and much more.

2) It has tools to make contests

If there are people who love, it is to obtain something for free, and it is necessary to emphasize to others, that very probably that is the favorite activity of those that forgive many hours of their day to remain connected to the internet.

The different tools of Facebook bring with them a wide number of advantages and one of them is that you can create and set in a very pleasant way, different contests that in one way or another can significantly help your brand.

You can create a contest solely to gain popularity. You can create another to attract specific customers, and you can also create contests solely to publicize your work, that is, the product or service you offer.

Whatever your goal, you just need to have it very well defined so that you can get the real benefit to Facebook at the time of promoting your brand and perform any of the different ads that Facebook allows you to create.

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3) It lends itself to deferred interaction

Unlike social networks such as Twitter, on Facebook, interaction can occur many days apart. On Facebook you can place an ad that will have different opinions expressed through comments, which will remain valid as long as the publication continues showing activity. In fact, the older the publication, the more opportunity it has to appear on the Facebook home wall of the different users that are your friends.

While other networks with cataloged as ephemeral, Facebook is rather a social network that is responsible for refreshing the memory of its users, reminding them of birthdays and birthdays, memories of several years ago, among many other things as even anniversaries of friendship.

That detail makes Facebook a great ally for all those small, medium and even large entrepreneurs who want to manage their business through Facebook.

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