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Why Use Twitter in 2020?

Why Use Twitter in 2020?

The popularity of Twitter is growing by the day. Below are a few reasons why people use Twitter and you should too. 


• With over one billion Twitter users, you can reach a rather large number of people through in a short time through tweets.

• With Twitter, you can easily promote your business, work, research, the website traffic and more. Just include the link in your tweet.

• Twitter allows you to follow professionals (Experts at the specific field, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, etc.) and build a relationship with them. You get to meet with business owners, tech gurus, your favorite celebrity, etc. on Twitter and get the chance to relate with them.

• You can use Twitter to keep yourself abreast of news update in news and development. You can follow news channels, reporters or events to keep track with what is trending.

• Twitter is good for business because it encourages good customer relations. When companies post information about products or services for followers to solve problems, answer questions and customer services, customers will be encouraged.

• You can get and give feedback about your work.

• As a business owner, Twitter is just the perfect place to get a new audience.

Twitter is a very big market to grow any Business, the con is just that there is a very short lifespan for Tweets (about 16 minutes on the average). The reason for this is because there are usually thousands of tweets every second, so after a short period, your tweets are lost in the flood.

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