Monetizing Your Instagram Account and Finding Sponsors |

Monetizing Your Instagram Account and Finding Sponsors

Monetizing Your Instagram Account and Finding Sponsors

So you’ve put in all this work to create a massive, powerful Instagram account. The next question is how you’re actually going to profit from this and make money...?

Promoting Your Own Products and Services

Of course, the most obvious method that will occur to the majority of internet marketers, is simply to have your own product or service to sell and to promote this via your Instagram. If you have a website where you sell products or where you sell services, then you can simply mention in your bio, photos and videos and in your comments that people can check out your amazing offers over at your page.

This works particularly well if you run discounts and include special offers through your channel. Likewise, you can feature the products in your pictures and your videos.

Make sure that you offer value a lot of the time without promoting anything, and then when you do come to promote your products, you will find you have a good response.

To get this to work effectively, you need to align those value propositions. If you have a book on how to get fit, then it will sell much better when people realize that it contains the secrets that you followed in order to get the incredible body and enjoy the incredible workouts that you have been showcasing on your channel for so long.

Make sure as well to link your Instagram profile to your website and to tie the brand in closely. This way, people can discover you and become a fan on Instagram and then know where to go in order to find more of what you have to offer.

Finding Sponsors

Another way to make money on Instagram though and the one that is perhaps most exciting for many people, is to find sponsors.

Finding sponsors on Instagram means that brands will pay you to post pictures wearing their clothes, drinking from their protein shakers, or working on their computers. You can get free stuff this way as well as some big amounts of money.

So how do you find these sponsors? One way is to go and check out sites that are designed to pair creators with sponsors. You can find this by heading over to and there are many more sites just like this.

That’s not how you land the really big sponsors though. To get those, you simply wait for them to contact you and once you get to a certain size, you can rest assured that this is going to happen.

To improve your chances, try to be present on more than one form of social media. Having a YouTube channel as well as an Instagram account will greatly boost your chances for example. Likewise, so too will having a Twitter account.

Having lots of followers is also essential and the more followers you have, the more you can charge.

On top of all this though, you should also make sure that your brand is consistent – that you have a consistent message and that you promote a positive message.

You need to look professional and avoid slander or posting anything in poor taste. You need to represent the kind of brand that big companies are going to want to associate with.


There’s a lot more to learn of course. You could benefit a great deal from a photography course, learning to present yourself properly on video can help too, as can learning how to manage your other social media for maximum impact.

But at this point, you now know the most important basics. You know enough to get started. And you know enough to put you way ahead of the competition.

In short, the key to success on Instagram is to tell stories, to sell a dream and to promote a lifestyle that people want to be a part of. The new tools that Instagram has introduced provides you with more powerful ways to do this than ever before – by literally letting you speak directly to your audience, or to bring them along on your travels.

If you do this, then you’ll find that Instagram can actually be more emotionally persuasive than practically any other form of social media. Combine that with all its amazing features and the sheer size of its audience and you have an incredibly opportunity that is just much too good to miss.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and start telling your story!

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