Influencing Your Niche with Your Content |

Influencing Your Niche with Your Content

Influencing Your Niche with Your Content

Firstly, do not forget who your targets are, your content should be narrowed down to just your niche. Your content is of no use to your target if it is not valuable to them.

From your market analysis and relationship with your audience, you should be able to understand your audience, majorly knowing their needs. You should find out which product or service they are placing high demand for.

One method that is helpful is looking out for trends, take note of what people are talking about contribute and ask questions if need be. So your content will be aimed at how your products or services meet the need of the audience. With this, you’ll become the “savior” of your niche.

Use your audience to make more audience

You can make more influence in your niche by making good use of your audience. Use your social media audience to make more audience. How to achieve this? Very simple, hold contests on your Social Media. Create events, use hashtags and share news, interesting news about your company and encourage them to participate. It is normal that they will reach out to their friends too. Some of them will even post it on their Social Media pages, creating awareness for you.

Do not make the mistake of posting the same post on all your Social Media platforms, you will have several people out of your audience following all your Social Media accounts, and once they start noticing that the content you post on all your accounts are the same, they will be disinterested in checking up your different pages because they know they’ll find the same information on all. Such people will find only one convenient platform to follow your brand or business.

That is a bad impression, you have to carry all your audience along on all the platforms. You want your followers to follow you on multiple platforms, that way, you can get their interest and attention even more. But if your post on all your Social Media accounts are the same, you have lost the attention and opportunity of being noticed on multiple platforms. Get them interested in all way.

Visual content is very essential

Appropriate and good images can spice up your contents as well. Naturally, photos and images have ways of attracting people, thereby making the impact of the message stronger. Also, good graphic design is important. Make use of professionally designed images, banners, infographics, illustrations, and the likes. Also, your theme color should be consistent on all your Social accounts. If your chosen brand color is blue, use the same or almost the same color as your theme on all your social media accounts. Or if you have a website, your theme colors on your website should tally with your theme on all your Social Media Accounts. Your consistency is not just in your content (voice and tone) but also in your image.

Communicate with your followers as much as you can

Your communication with your followers matter a lot, you will never know the kind of influence you will have on them by interacting with them. It shows you care about them. You can ask questions about the content you posted, see their replied or comments and make sure to reply comments. And make sure you are easy to reach. If you launch a new product or service, ask for the opinion of your audience, their feedback is very important to you. Do well to go through all their review, as they will reveal how your place in the hearts of your audience but majorly it will open room for improvement of your product or services.

In conclusion, building a personal brand might take time and effort, but once you are successfully able to build it, and align it with your business, it’s going to be a great game changer for your business. Also being a social media influencer in your niche is definitely not a day job.

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