How The Instagram Algorithm Works |

How The Instagram Algorithm Works

How The Instagram Algorithm Works
How The Instagram Algorithm Functions And How To Influence The Ranking Of Posts


What does Instagram take into account before showing the publication to the user?


Posts with a large number of likes, comments, and views are more likely to fall into the feed. If someone of the user's acquaintances is “involved” in the publication, Instagram will show it to you. However, this is not a priority factor.


How does Instagram define interests? By topics of viewed content and by hashtags. For example, travel, food, fashion, sports and, of course, cats :-)

Relevance has a higher priority than engagement.


Publications of friends and those to whom you like more often are at the very top of the feed. Since Instagram and Facebook have the same owner, Instagram considers your friends, colleagues, relatives from the social network. And also those to whom you write more often, whom you are looking for and whom you know in real life.


Weekly publications are of little interest to anyone. Instagram takes into account the last and current visit. Therefore, it is worth publishing posts at the moments of the highest activity of the audience. Otherwise, they will be lost in the tape.

Profile Views

These are the accounts that the user frequently views. So that you do not waste much time searching, Instagram will show the posts of those who you are persistently interested in.

Direct reposts

Instagram raises in the feed stream those with whom you often share posts, that is, their relevance increases. It also takes into account the content you share and shows similar content in the stream.

Time to view

If the post made you linger, then this topic is interesting for you, even if you did not like or leave a comment.

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