Four Key Steps for Social Media Posting |

Four Key Steps for Social Media Posting

Four Key Steps for Social Media Posting

Regardless of what you plan on posting, think about what you have to do to get your message out there. There are four important steps to get a post ready:

1. Consider the purpose of your post.

Think about why you want to post a message about in the first place. Consider the end game of your post and why you feel that message is important. Having a good plan is critical to controlling the messages. Each post should have some kind of meaning about your products or services. You should avoid sharing anything that could be confusing or misleading or does not directly relate to what your business is.

You might have a post that will introduce people to a new product or service. Maybe you want to express the virtues of your business, so people will be more interested in what you offer. Whatever the case, you must produce a post that is inviting, has information, and is intriguing.

2. Review how personal your message is.

A message can be personal and include details on what you or other people are doing in a business. You might even talk about the influences relating to your work, why you are doing something and why you are promoting a particular product or service. You could even give people a history of your business about what inspired you to start working in a particular field. Being personal about your work is always worthwhile, but first you should examine how well the message is being orchestrated. Do not add many personal details unless you feel that they are relevant to your work and will not compromise anything. Avoid creating messages that are overly simplified.

3. Think about the promotional aspect of the message.

A message should have a promotional feature that explains to the viewer what you wish to discuss and why what you share is important. The promotional angle you produce should be based on what you feel. It is vital to your message.

Make your messages intriguing to your potential viewers. They should invite people to see what you have to offer. Don’t be overly needy. Make your messages appealing while still convincing the readers that what you have is worthwhile.

4. Make sure your message is relevant to your company culture.

Your message should be based on the company culture you want to express. Only create messages that are relevant to your company’s culture and are illustrative of what you want to express to the audience. Be careful of how you say things and that you are not departing from what you represent.

Your Facebook page needs to have an appearance in line with your goals. The personality should be consistent as it shows you are serious about promoting yourself. You have to express that you want to help your readers and that you have something of value they will be interested in using.

This does not mean you cannot have a bit of personality. A friendly touch to your work and plenty of interaction and fun is always worthwhile. Don’t write about something that is extreme; it might confuse your audience.

The proceeding four aspects of creating a post will give you a better idea of what to express to your audience members. Plan your posts on Facebook based on these features and you will make your ads attractive and valuable.

How Long Should a Post Be?

There are no real rules on Facebook as to how long a post should be. But since most people don’t want to spend all day reading, try and keep your posts as short as possible. Your messages could be around 100 words at the most. Anything with more rich media content like videos or images would especially help to make something more interesting and easier to read.

Do not overdo it when creating something attractive. A long post might be good for a press release or when you want to explain something in detail. Without it being complicated or otherwise hard to follow; make your offer simple enough so it can be distinguished.

Don’t Forget Frequency

Keep your posts frequent, but don’t go overboard on it either. It is fine to add posts every day or every other day or even on specific days of the week. However, whatever you do, keep some space in between each of your posts. Avoid adding too much all at once or else people will lose track of your content. It is easy for your content to be muddled and hard to follow if you have too many posts all at once. Too many posts all at once can make your site hard to read.

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