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TikTok Use Cases To Inspire You

TikTok Use Cases To Inspire You

There have been a variety of successful usage cases already on TikTok regardless of the platform being fairly new. Some of the early adopters on TikTok consist of sports groups, artists and colleges as well as specific services. In a lot of cases they have actually discovered that their TikTok videos create more engagement than they do on other social platforms.

The Bailey Pastry shop

There have been a lot of pastry shops, pastry chefs and cake designers utilize TikTok for their marketing with good outcomes. This makes sense because baking and cake making is highly demonstrative. You will find a great deal of videos of chefs and cake decorators doing their thing to music on TikTok.

A number of chefs and bakers have actually accumulated followings of over 100,000 on TikTok however the Bailey Bakeshop truly stands out. At the time of composing they have over 4 million followers and their videos have received over 90 million hearts (likes). Their videos all reveal bakers decorating cookies to background music. In some cases they utilize the "speed up" effects as well.

Anthony Barbuto Lawyer 

This one will most likely surprise you. It appears not likely that attorneys would do well on TikTok but there are many on there that are getting great outcomes. A few of the law practice use the platform for brand awareness and they have a good time in the processes.

The biggest attorney success story on TikTok is Anthony Babuto. At the time of writing he has over 1.8 million followers and his material has more than 26 million hearts. Other legal representatives share their advice and competence on TikTok and some videos get thousands of hearts and remarks.

University of Florida

It is not a surprise seeing universities and colleges with TikTok accounts. Some are doing better than others and the University of Florida is definitely making their mark on the platform. They have more than 83,000 followers and practically a million hearts for their videos.

The University of Florida shares a lot of different experiences such as a behind the scenes look on campus, achievements of various students, videos on sports hype and even dance challenges.

Lil Nas X

Again no surprise to see musicians using TikTok but Lil Nas X is a clever rap artist who utilized the platform to really get the word out about his music. Many people have heard the "Old Town Roadway" tune and you can thank TikTok for this in a big part.

A number of years ago Lil Nas X was unknown however he exercised how he could utilize the meme culture of TikTok to attract the "cool kids" on the platform. His Old Town Road song went viral and wound up being the longest number one tune on the Signboard Hot 100 and Spotify.

How did he do this? Well he published a video of him carrying out the tune on the TikTok platform which was quickly developed into a meme. This spread like crazy and produced over 500 million video views and led to over 5 million users creating videos around his hashtag #oldtownroad.

The Lomile Shop

If you own an ecommerce shop then you need to read this. There are a lot of small ecommerce shops using the TikTok platform to promote their items now. They do this by developing and publishing videos that show how their items work to background music.

The Lomile Shop has actually truly succeeded on TikTok. They created a video showing one of their items for closet organizing and this got almost 2 million hearts and almost 7,000 comments. What can TikTok provide for your online store?

The Washington Post

This is another usage case that might amaze you. The Washington Post has around 160,000 fans and their content has more than 4 million hearts. The content developed by the Washington Post utilizes the functions of TikTok truly well. They really accept the fun challenge and meme culture of the platform.

A few of their most popular videos supply a behind the scenes look at their newsroom. In one video there is a fun exchange between the editor and a press reporter that got almost 100,000 hearts and more than 160 remarks.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office

Cops on TikTok? You had better think it. There are a variety of police officers, consisting of whole sheriff's workplaces, that have an existence on TikTok. One of the very first of these law enforcement agencies to get onto TikTok was the Pasco County Constable's Office. Now they have around 300,000 fans and their content has over 3 million hearts. They create "trip along" clips with their deputies and behind the scenes clips. There are truly amusing videos of deputies taking up popular dance difficulties on TikTok.

Other Success Stories

There are other success stories on TikTok too. The NBA is on the platform and they have over 5.5 million followers and their content has more than 79 million hearts. They constantly post diverse content varying to highlights of basketball matches to fans dancing!

The majority of the NBA groups have their own TikTok accounts. A fine example of this is the Chicago Bulls who in fact have an account for their mascot who has the name "Benny the Bull". Benny has an Instagram account too however he has more fans on TikTok.

Benny produces cooperation videos with other mascots. One of the most popular of these videos was with the mascot from the Philadelphia Flyers who has the name Gritty. This simply goes to show that TikTok uses many chances for co-marketing.

We hope that these successful use cases have inspired you to get going with the TikTok platform to promote your service. Get in now while it is still growing and you too can produce a substantial following and a fantastic marketing channel.

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