How to transform TikTok followers into YouTube subscribers |

How to transform TikTok followers into YouTube subscribers

How to transform TikTok followers into YouTube subscribers

Do you want to build a TikTok fanbase but follow you to YouTube? See our tips to migrate your audience.

Although TikTok does not share specific information about its users, more than 500 M people have been estimated to be active on the platform, with the largest growth in India and other parts of Asia. Did you know that in Thailand alone, the app was downloaded by 1 in 7 people!

TikTok has proven to be a fertile ground for supporters and creators, available in 75 languages, who want to build a public and a community around their content. The application has been downloaded more than 1.2 billion times, with 41% of TikTok users aged 16 to 24. This is an audience that is actively prepared for even more consumption in social media and for creators to build on it.

But while the TikTok famous youth are basking in views and followers their videos generate, there is still no way to monetize content on the app outside of third-party brand deals. While on the platform, there are ads, no ads are run on videos uploaded by creators, so there are no ways to profit from a percentage of that revenue, as with YouTube.

Of course, generating revenue via AdSense on YouTube is nowadays not a walk in the park, but designers still have the financial opportunity. But even the popular TikTok accounts have nothing like the number of subscribers that attract the top channels on YouTube, and for many TikTok uploaders, they start from scratch in the building of follow-up on YouTube. However, this can be done, and three quick tips can start:

Ways to migrate your TikTok audience to YouTube

#1 Building Upon Content You Made Popular on TikTok

While lip-syncing, or dancing around for the latest release of Ariana Grande, may have generated healthy TikTok follow-up, it won't get you to the bottom of YouTube. At all. At all. Besides the copyright-based content (which is a problem with TikTok and will lead to a download if you are caught), you can do the same old thing, but on another platform, it will get very old very quickly.

But you can build your TikTok based on your personality and quirks, and that is a fantastic start for every creator. On YouTube, watchers may come for the content, but they will stay with the creator of the content, and if you publish video content successfully elsewhere and have an understanding of what your audience likes, that is highly transferable expertise. However, you must be prepared to know what works are, which takes us to our next tip:

#2 Understanding how YouTube works

There are many similarities between TikTok and YouTube. Both are content-oriented platforms, yet like any other video creator, you will need to develop and upgrade your game significantly if you wish to succeed on YouTube. Yes, you will bring your audience to you, but to expand your subscriber base and generate the kind of views and commitment necessary to generate income on and off the platform.

Determine the purpose of your YouTube. You won't really be famous, and it's certainly not the best long-term plan. It sucks to hear, but those stars, you all remember about love, have labored for years and years–they haven't happened by accident.

It takes time, patience, and skill to understand how the YouTube algorithms work, what content to create, and how to optimize your community while growing, but when you start using the resources available on this blog and on the YouTube vidIQ channel, you're going in the right direction.

#3 Give your TikTok followers a cause to follow you on YouTube (and ask them to!)

It might be the most obvious tip worldwide, but add it into your TikTok profile when you've got a YouTube channel! If fans don't know where else you live on the internet, fans can't follow you.

Okay, now that's out of the way, consider how your TikTok audience can be encouraged to YouTube. Naturally, you can always ask them that never hurts. But also think strategically why they should follow you and offer this incentive.

YouTube lets you upload 15-minute videos (longer if you are a checked channel) for this expanded content to post teasers on TikTok.

Tell your followers what to expect and be consistent on YouTube, so it becomes part of your publishing strategy. It is best practice for every creator to "create once, publish everywhere" to give your buck the maximum bang.

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