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Reasons Why People Use Social Media

Reasons Why People Use Social Media

Let’s focus on why it is important for businesses to get involved with social media marketing. Since social media plays such a prominent role in many people’s lives, chances are that it can be damaging for companies to be absent on social media.

There are several reasons why companies should be using social media to target people and some may be more prevalent than others, depending on the business in question.


People often buy products or services from businesses without actually knowing much about the companies. Once the products are taken home and used, the name of the company is often forgotten, never to be mentioned again.

However, having a presence on social media platforms allows companies to establish an identity for users or buyers. Companies can share mission statements, buyer reviews and random thoughts which could make a large company more appealing to buyers. Once an identity has been formed, it could be simple to update social media profiles and build on a brand from there.


Another reason why companies should use social media to market a product is to create conversations and discussions about the products or company in question. The more people are talking about a business, the bigger the chance that the business will get more exposure. A billboard or a magazine campaign may spark some conversation, but online discussions are traceable, meaning companies can directly see how people are responding to the campaign efforts.


The sharing aspect is a continuation of the discussions, as people will share things they find appealing or joyful. In other words, if people are creating discussions in regards to your product, they may share the links, tweets, Facebook updates or Pinterest boards with their friends because they think they may know someone who could use that product or service. That means more people are being exposed to your business. Just because you are starting discussions about your brand doesn’t mean people will share; but that should be your goal as a business owner.


When people share your content, you could give them some special attention by thanking them on the social media platforms. This way, you are building relationships and you are making sure that you are thankful for their helpful efforts. The more positive relationships you are building, the bigger of a following you may get.

Online Presence

There was once a television commercial that said; “if your business is not online, it is nowhere.” The same can be said about social media, as people often go to Instagram Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others to get the newest information about a handful of topics.

In other words, you should put your business on social media platforms for the sake of online presence alone. If people search for your business on social media networks and you are not there, chances are they will go elsewhere for similar services or products. And you don’t want to lose potential customers to your biggest competitors, simply because you didn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account.


Companies make mistakes, whether it is through a statement, a marketing campaign or by selling faulty products. Mistakes happen to everyone and social media marketing allows you to influence your reputation by owning up to things immediately or as they happen. Social media platforms give you the opportunity to take control of your reputation, to offer quick customer responses, to rectify mistakes and to be a big presence in your users’ lives.

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