The Power of Volume on YouTube |

The Power of Volume on YouTube

The Power of Volume on YouTube

There are a lot of little aspects that go into being successful on YouTube. One of these aspects is volume. You need to continually post content in sheer volume. It is simple logic. The more you have out there for people to see the better chance they have of seeing it. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should start posting tons of random videos all willy-nilly. No. You need to be methodical. Your videos need to be well done and on topic. They all need to be related to whatever it is you are doing. They need to be in the same niche.

When you are first getting started, set a goal to post one video each week. That may seem unrealistic to you and a little daunting. However, it is achievable. In fact, it is a lot easier than you think. What you need to do is develop a strategy. You need a plan of attack. Fortunately, you are not on your own and you can follow this great plan for posting your videos.

The reason most people struggle to continue creating content each week is because they do exactly that. They create content each week. They are living video to video. You know, paycheck to paycheck. You need to be different. Instead of creating a video and then posting it. You are going to create several videos and then post them one at a time. You are always going to have five videos in the bank.

That means if it takes you three months to create five videos then you won’t be posting any videos for three months. You need to take some time and prime the well. You need to lay the foundation for your YouTube business. Therefore, before you start posting anything, you must start making videos. Then, when you have six videos created. You can start posting one video each week.

Wait a minute! You say. Why six? It is because you need to post a video and keep five videos in your video bank. The reason for this is because there is a thing that happens to us that causes delays in our plans. It is called life. There may be something that comes up and you may not be able to get a video done this week.

Well, good thing you had an insurance policy of five videos in the bank. Next week you can make up for it and create an extra video to replenish your supply. So, you are going to start creating videos. When you get six videos you are going to post one of them and continue creating videos. Then, you will continue to post one new video each week and continually have at least five videos in your bank.

Eventually, when you get better at the video creating and editing process, you will set a new goal of posting two videos each week. However, that may be six months down the line for you. It is still important to keep it in mind because that is what you are striving for. Your goal is to post multiple times each week. But for now, focus on once a week so you don’t become overwhelmed.

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Let’s take a look at the importance of posting regularly. You post your first video and it may only receive ten views that day. You may think that is a failure because there are so many videos on YouTube that get thousands of views. However, keep in mind that there are tons of videos that don’t receive any views. Now, if you post another video next week and that one also gets ten views. That means 20 different people have potentially seen you. If you do this for ten weeks in a row then that is 100 people that have seen your business. 100 potential customers for you and if you are selling digital products then you might even make a sale!

Now imagine what will happen when you start posting twice a week. You will continue to receive new viewers and your customer base will grow. But more importantly, a good percentage of those viewers will probably subscribe to your channel. That means that your future videos will receive more and more views.

Many of your existing viewers will continue to watch your new videos thereby boosting the view count on those videos. Eventually, you will start to see your views and subscribers grow. Then, one day, one of those viewers will share one of your videos so that even more people can see it. In addition, your search engine optimization, or SEO, will be strangely better in one video and it will get boosted in the search results. One bit of luck like that could mean thousands of views for not only that video but for many of your other videos as well!

The cool thing is that it isn’t really luck. It is something that you did all on your own by making your videos properly and posting them strategically. You also shared them on social media, which gave them an additional boost. Your persistence will be a great advantage. If you continue to regularly put out content then you are bound to get exposure. If that content is done well then you are even more likely to receive those highly desired views.

All of this becomes increasingly more effective if you are being as smart about sharing the videos as you are about posting the videos. You not only need to post your videos on YouTube, you also need to get them out there on social media. The reason is because many people use social media as their one stop shop. The “if it wasn’t on Facebook then it didn’t happen” mentality is truer than you think.

Therefore, once you post your videos on YouTube. Use the sharing icons beneath the video and share your videos to all of your social media networks. Encourage others to do the same and pretty soon your views will climb and your exposure will greatly increase.

The more you do this, the more new fans you will accumulate and the more chance you will have at receiving a reliable income. Your goal is not only to get more views but also to continue getting views for years to come. And the more places you promote your video, the more people are likely to see it, and the more views you are likely to receive.

Once again, in short, it all comes down to the amount of work you are willing to put into your YouTube business. If you treat it like a job and you invest some time, a little money, and a lot of effort into it, then you have a much greater chance of seeing a large return on your investment.

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