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Tips for Facebook Groups

Tips for Facebook Groups

When you engage with Facebook groups, it can be a different breed of people altogether, and you should always make sure that you don’t do the wrong thing.

Here, we’ll discuss what they are.

Some tips to get the most out of a Facebook group include the following:

• Bring questions to the table.

• Follow the guidelines of the community.

• Make sure your posts aren’t incredibly spammy.

• Don’t use links, it tends to screw up the algorithm. If there is something you want to talk to others about, perhaps screenshot it.

• Pictures get rewarded more than anything else, so include pictures.

• If you want to make a text post, you should make sure not to hide it with a link.

• When you get questions, either like or answer, and the same goes for comments.

• Don’t leave questions unanswered, because not only is it rude, you're missing out on some valuable clientele.

•Don’t try to make yourself look better than others. Remember, you’re in a group for a reason.

• If you are in a group that only promotes during certain days, please follow that rule.

• In groups made solely for networking, keep it mostly to the networking aspects.

• Don’t have these people on your personal profile, unless they are contacts that are a part of your business.

The big thing to remember with Facebook groups is you need to continuously use them, and make sure you’re promoting in order to create the best and most rewarding communities possible. You’ll be able to, with this as well, craft a great and wonderful situation for your company and a really rewarding business that can help others. Don’t be afraid to bring some cool questions to the table, and also don’t be afraid to talk to others.

Join Facebook Communities and niche Groups

Everything happens on social media these days. The hottest news, the latest trends, and also your future audience is there. You can start by first looking for groups relevant to your own interests.

For example, if your product is SEO, join some SEO groups on Facebook, a lot of these can be likeminded professionals that are helpful with networking.

Another good idea is to find different groups that you can offer your services to. For example, if you’re trying to work with more party companies, or with people that need caterers, maybe join some wedding groups on Facebook that you can promote your services to.

The reality of it is, you want to get into these groups, and try to cultivate an audience. Now the people that you work with are potential leads, people you could sell your services to. The wrong thing to do though is to run in there and immediately sell the service.

Starting Your Own Group

This is actually another step that you can take. You don't have to do this right away, but it brings immense value to your business, especially if you have groups you’ve already been cultivating.

I see this a lot with fitness professionals, in order to sell courses and services. They actually will create a Facebook group where people can come in and they can meet other likeminded individuals, and they can all group together and grow.

Once you’ve built a reputation and shown others that they want to be in your group, you can then start to sell.

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