The Best Way to Gain Likes and Followers on Instagram |

The Best Way to Gain Likes and Followers on Instagram

The Best Way to Gain Likes and Followers on Instagram

Whatever type of business you have, you don’t have to worry about its online promotion. There are various ways to catch the attention of your targeted customers. One of these is through gaining likes and followers on Instagram.

If you are new to this social media platform, you probably don’t know how to gain likes and followers on Instagram. To answer your immediate concerns, simply use this post as your reference.

Top Ways to Increase Instagram Likes and Followers

Increasing Instagram likes and Instagram followers is not a tricky task. You just need to know your business’s industry, keywords and related hashtags, whilst keeping Instagram’s best practices at the forefront of your mind. For more information, here are the top ways you can boost your Instagram followers and likes whilst advertising your brand:

• Share Instagram Photos

Your customers will never recognize your Instagram advertising efforts if you don’t publicize your presence. Most businesses have a social media presence on other forms of social media. Instagram has a ‘share’ button that allows you to share your videos and pictures.

If you like, you can also share your Instagram pictures on your website and add an official Instagram button to your webpages. If you have a self-hosted WordPress site, it is simple to add Instagram photos to post through plug-ins. Take note that the more places you share your Instagram updates, the more chances you have to encourage new followers.

• Don’t Just Run a Contest; Make it a Remarkable One

Big and small companies have success in getting new followers when they run remarkable contests using their services. Like them, you can easily entice customers to open an Instagram account and follow you. You can also post a certain type of photo with a hashtag that specifies your business tagline or name.

• Actively Engage with Followers

Another way to generate followers and likes is to pose a question on an Instagram status to generate likes and comments for a video or picture. If you like, you can also ask customers to upload photos, interacting with products via Instagram.

All you have to do is instruct your customers to add a certain hashtag to the icon update so you can track the different uploads via Instagram’s search tool. You are also free to post links to customer photos online on Instagram.

Through this, you can easily entice other customers to follow your account to learn about opportunities to be featured in your Facebook or Twitter page.

• Preview and Advertise New Products

Technology and fashion industries use Instagram to debut images of latest products. This creates a buzz and entices customers to follow your account in order to stay up-to-date with new trends.

• Post Informal and Fun Content

Instagram provides a simple way to give your customers a behind-the-scenes view of your business operations. In fact, most companies post photos of workers performing regular tasks.

Dos and Donts of Instagram

Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram for Excellent Business Operations 

When it comes to Instagram, not all users know how to use it. Some just sign up and post pictures irregularly. To give you some ideas, here are the do’s and don’ts you need to consider when using your Instagram account:


1. Keep your Instagram username consistent

The avid viewers that follows you on various social media platforms is more likely to track you on Instagram. As advised, always keep your username in line with your presence on other social media in order to make their search easy with no need to go through your multiple online identities.

2. Show your social side

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms and you must make sure you have a very sociable presence. So, make sure that you don’t sound like a business that is only interested in getting more sales. Like others, try to post content that shows your audience your social side and entices them to interact with your feed.

3. Make Your Feed Interesting

This means that you have to post unique and captivating ideas on your account. Don’t always post the same things. As recommended, make varying posts through adding videos, sneak peeks and a lot more.

4. Use well-known filter

There are multiple filters that active Instagram users are in love with. To find these filters, simply go to the Simply Measured Instagram User Analysis tool. This will show you your audiences best choices.

5. Type out interesting captions for every post

The usual mistake that most advertisers make while using Instagram is to skip the step of adding captions. Make note that captions allow your audiences to understand the post a lot easier than having to interpret the hashtags you add.


1. Beg for follows

As a regular Instagram user, you probably noticed that there are some users who keep on begging for follows. They often post “Please follow me and I’ll follow you back”. If you are handling a business page, it is best to avoid this completely.

2. Go on a liking spree

Even if you are starting off on Instagram, it doesn’t mean that are free to go on a liking spree and clicking everything that you think is even closely connected to you.

3. Use DSLR photos

Instagram is well-known for instant clicks from mobile devices. Thus, you don’t need to post pictures created with DSLRs.

4. Take horizontal photos

There are various businesses out there that create horizontal photos and end up cropping out the visual to fit on Instagram. Like others, it is best to create vertical photos or those that conform to Instagram’s required dimensions, which is 1936 x 1936 pixels.

5. Post only your content

Don’t continually post pictures of your services and products. It is also best to feature user generated content at least twice a week. This gives your audience a visual variety and keeps them hooked on to your Instagram feeds.

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After learning everything about Instagram and its best functions, you are probably tempted to create your own account. Take note that whether you are a beginner or advanced user of Instagram, it is always best to be sensitive and professional with your posts.

The key to achieving your desired business success lies in your hands. Now that you know how to advertise your business with the aid of Instagram and other social media platforms, you don’t have to worry. With this post, you are now competent with what to do, how Instagram works and how to begin social selling with Instagram.

Are you excited to see how Instagram changes your marketing strategy and business operations? Then make the right choice now! Start making your own Instagram account, follow the different tips you have learned here and you will see how remarkable it is. Like others, you will surely love using your Instagram account all the time! :-)

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