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How does Google My Business Create Results

How does Google My Business Create Results

Google My Business is the premier way for local businesses to connect with their customers and increase being found right now. Google has let it be known that every one in three Google searches are for local results. A search is usually conducted to find the right business or product to fit or meet the user’s specific need(s). GMB provides the vehicle that connects you with their search result.

Your correctly optimized Google My Business Listing is a free way to attract customers. You can invest some of your time to do this or hire a professional to do it for you.

The results are: that you will be found more often, receive more leads, and your business will see growth and prosperity.

Please note, it must be emphasized: a complete, verified, and optimized GMB listing is necessary. Google does not want to see a partial or incomplete attempt at GMB.

Google My Business has made attracting local customers far easier than it once was. This new technology allows you to successfully market in your city or local service area, including state or national. It is far more effective to market within the confines of a localized geographic area than using a generalized nationwide marketing tactic if you are trying to obtain new customers in your LOCAL area. Your local can be your city, your state, or your country!

In other words, if you are going clam digging, you go to the beach, because that’s where the clams are. Obviously you don’t go to a farmer’s field or the city park... you would be wasting a lot of time and motions there. Google says 80% of all search traffic now originates from mobile devices. Because of mobile search and GPS in your phone, search results are now personalized and based on location search and browsing history.

So what does all of that mean?

Google knows where every mobile device is. By knowing where every device is, a person doing a search for a product or service, generates a Google response that is location specific. Google is going to show them the businesses that are participating in the GMB program first over all others, and those that are close by.

So if your business is the only business that is taking advantage of the GMB program in your city, Google is going to show your business first as a preferred listing, over every other business no matter what their ranking in the search results. Google has reported, “65% of mobile consumers who search for a local business will also visit that brick and mortar store the same day. From that visit, a purchase will be made more than half of the time”.

GMB attracts over a billion unique users every month. You cannot afford to ignore this amazing marketing opportunity that is simply there for the taking. If you are a small business, especially a local one, it would be a grave mistake not to take advantage of the benefits GMB offers. Google will reward your participation in GMB. If you give Google all the information it requires about your business, this ‘good faith’ shows you are trying to help Google keep visitors or Google users on their platform. Consequently, Google is going to reward you for that.

How do they reward you?

They do it by giving your brand more exposure to mobile users and desktop users. Thus giving you more calls, meaning more sales.

Benefits of Google My Business

Here are some of the prominent benefits of Google My Business:

1. It’s Free

Doesn’t cost one penny to use.

2. Google Product Crossover Recognition

In music, a crossover song is GOLDEN. For example, the song: ‘Hey, Did You Happen To See The Most Beautiful Girl in the World’, became a number 1 smash hit across country, pop, and adult contemporary charts. It was also a top 10 pop hit internationally, making Charlie Rich a pop superstar recognized all over the world. In similar fashion, GMB crossovers Google Products both present and those coming in the future. GMB crossovers to Google Maps, YouTube, Blogger, Plus, Drive, Google Search, AdWords, etc. There are currently 251 Google products and services rolled out, and Google loves CONTINUALLY looking at each and every one.

3. GMB Shows Descriptive Information

Show Description of your business, Hours of operation, Directions, Photos, a “Call Now” button for immediate contact.

4. Helps Customers Find You on the Map

Your exact location and address will be pin-pointed on a Google Map. Directions are one click away.

5. Top Search Results

At the top of every Google search usually 3 GMB local business listings and their information appear.  This is where you need to be. One click can direct the searcher to your website, or to you directly by phone.

6. Reviews and Feedback

More and more customers make purchases based upon the influence of “Reviews.” What people say about you is important and informative. Google My Business allows customers to leave reviews that you can interact with and promote feedback about your goods or services. Your GMB dashboard helps monitor and respond to reviews.

7. Promotions, Sales, Events, and Postings

GMB offers you a professional way to promote special offers, coupons, appointments, and events. You can post important product and service information as web posts. You can also add SMS text messaging function.

8. Get Insightful Analytics

Google Insights is basically Google Analytics for Google My Business. GMB extends a wealth of analytics, stats, and insights. Fully customizable and chartable in-depth website traffic tools.  All of the activity on your GMB, is only seen on your dashboard. Google doesn’t share that data with any other parties especially ranking or tracking software that tracks improvement of rankings.

9. Easy Management

GMB dashboard is full of Google tools, easy to access, and ready to help you run your business on your own terms.

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