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Fast Guide to YouTube Domination

Learn How To Start Dominating YouTube in Under 10 Minutes 

Fast Guide to YouTube Domination

There is a misconception spreading around the internet that getting high amount of traffic, loyal subscribers and authentic viewers for your YouTube channel is not possible without you being extremely lucky. And I say that notion is nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t entirely dismiss the importance of luck in the trendy YouTube business, my point is that being a YouTuber is not the same as being a gambler.

Being successful on YouTube actually requires passion, consistency and persistence. With that being said, before reading any further, you should ask yourself:

Is making informative and/or entertaining videos on YouTube is what you like to do?

Does the thought of having millions of viewers enjoy your videos excites you?

If the answer is a certain yes, then you do have the passion and this post will provide you what you need to be consistent and persistent in the YouTube business. If you put in your effort for a few months, I can assure you that your channel will grow exponentially. This post will get right to the point of what to do and why you should do it. With the knowledge of this post, you should see tremendous growth of your YouTube channel and other social media.

What this post is:

- Short: this post is designed to be as short as possible.
- Pure content: Only authentic, relevant content is included on this post so no “filler”. Thus, every piece of information as very important. Though short, this post may take time to absorb. However, the post is easy to follow as the information is in sequential order.

I hope you will be successful following what is written here.
Now, let’s get started!

Create your Account and set up your channel

The first thing that you need is to have a YouTube account, which is a part of a Google account. You can easily create a Google account via any of Google’s product like Gmail or Google Drive. Just go to this website: and click on the Create account button. The following registration process is very easy and intuitive so I excuse myself from any further discussion.

Create your YouTube Account

Once you have your account registered, you’ll need to verify it with your phone number. Go to and fill in your phone number. Google will then provide you with a 6 digit-code to fill in the continuing page and BAM! Your account is verified!

Why? Verifying your account gives you the ability to monetize your videos and the ability to have more-than-15-minute videos. Also, if your chosen niche are filled with flag-bots, having your account verified helps prevent you videos from being taken down by mass-flaggings. It also secures your account from greedy abusive marketer.

After you have verified your account, you should pick the theme for your videos. Though this is not a formal procedure, you must determine the niche of all your future videos. Having your uploaded videos talking about unrelated random stuff harms viewers retention, the viewers don’t know what your channel is about so they don’t know if the content of your videos is of interest to them. They won’t watch more than one and they won’t subscribe.

Remember NOT to make your niche too broad or general. For example, Health is very broad niche and most likely to be dominated by another major channel, you will not have any piece of the pie. Weight loss is still broad but Weight Loss using Eastern Methods is just specific enough. A channel with a targeted topic will retain viewers that are interested in that topic. And remember NOT to be TOO SPECIFIC because soon you may run out of ideas for your videos.

You may argue that some Youtube Tycoons don’t follow this rule, Pewdiepie makes videos all about random stuffs. The thing is that they do follow the rule, their niche is about themselves and the brand that they built, Pewdiepie’s fans know that Pewdiepie’s videos are about Pewdiepie and they like to watch those videos. Before Pewdiepie became a star, his niche has been Let’s Play horror game, which is not a saturated niche back then. You are not famous yet, so it is in your best interest that you follow a niche.

pewdiepie youtuber

Now that you have yourself a theme for your videos. You should concentrate on making professional and appealing graphics for your channel. First and foremost, you must have a great profile picture, that is what viewers will see when they watch your videos. One way is to upload a carefully edited photo of your face. Another way to is to draw or have other adept graphical designer draw you a cartoony version your face or the logo of your brand. If you can’t make your own, I recommend going to to hire professionals for just $5. Have a good profile picture is not silly joke, it will set you apart from the crowd of mediocre channels.

Once the profile pic is done, we move on to the channel header. The header is also important because it is the first thing they see when they decide to come to your channel. The same rule apply for this piece of graphics, but if you can’t afford another $5, you sign up on to have your header easily created even though you are not a designer. The site already has the YouTube channel header template and the output file quality is very good. I recommend against using Canva for your profile pic because Canva is not suitable for making unique images, which is what a profile picture aims to be.

DO remember to have your graphics style relevant and related to your niche. You don’t your style to look silly or crazy when your niche is about promoting a serious business, do you?

The next thing is to set the defaults for all your future videos. Go to and appears are fields to be filled in. Having the defaults set will help you keep the consistency throughout the videos of yours. The information set in the upload defaults will be included automatically when you upload a video and can be override. Let’s say your niche is about gaming having the default Category set to Gaming will make all your videos about gaming. It save you from tedious manual work!

Feel free to explore the default settings and experience however you like. However, you should have your website and social media profiles as a part of the Description.

social media profiles in youtube description

What next is the Tag. The default tags should be your YouTube channel name, your brand, niche. If you know a major channel that also target you niche, you can include that channel as a tag as your videos will have more chance appearing as recommended videos for that major channel, which results in traffic. With the defaults set, you should adjust depending on each video you upload.

The next thing is to create a watermark. The watermark act as the subscribe button and is embedded at the bottom right of your video (if you have it uploaded). If you upload a watermark, you don’t have to (and should not) manually add it to your video because YouTube will do it for you. A common way to create a watermark is to get a transparent background version of the profile pic. Filled watermark is discouraged because it blocks the viewers’ view. Upload your watermark here:

The last thing is the advanced settings located at: Here you want to edit the Channel keywords section. Put in information about your channel’s theme and niche and get specific.

YouTube Channel keywords section

After that done, you’re done with setting up your account.

Create your videos

I’m not going to teach you how to record or edit your video. Those are way beyond the scope of this post. But I can what to take into consideration.

The first thing is the quality of the video. The quality of the videos decides everything. The higher the quality, the more YouTube subscribers you get because more people will want to watch your high quality content. Quantity means noting if your quality sucks. Thus, do focus on the content and technical aspects of your videos. Prepare the script, watch out for the style and invest in buying adequate equipment and learning skills. It’s ok if you don’t have money to invest in expensive equipment, search online for ways to improve the quality through audio and video editing. There many free softwares out there that you can use. But if you have money,  do consider investing in better equipment. It’ll pay off in the long run.

Do NOT forget to create an intro and an outro. The intro is what make your video recognizable. The intro should be appealing visually and include a familiar, catchy and (if possible) unique greetings. Pewdiepie have a very unique greetings line (I do like Pewdiepie a lot). The outro provides you the opportunities to call for action. In a friendly manner, ask the viewers to like, subscribe, comment and watch more videos. Get them engaged! Comments and rate are very important in YouTube ranking. So make sure to have as many comments as possible. One way is to provoke the thought of viewers in the outro, ask them about their opinions, what should be in the next videos, and so on. That will start a discussion that will explode the comment section.

The third thing is the Title. Make sure the title is relevant, to the point, strong and include important keywords. Do the title right will make your videos more likely to be found and clicked on on the Internet. The title is (and should be) short. So to add more keywords to improve the rankings, you have the Description section. The description should already have the default text. What to do is to add the description of your videos with as many relevant keywords as you can think of. Don’t try to spam keywords, that won’t work. Instead, make an effort to put them in paragraphs with sentences.

And last but not least is consistency. Upload frequently, on a schedule is very importance, and powerful. It tells viewers that you will put up more videos in that specific time of the week, and the viewers will be waiting. At the beginning, you’ll want to upload as many as you can. Uploading everyday is ideal but you don’t want to compromise quality so 3 videos a week is ok. After you have got yourself a considerably big amount of YouTube subscribers, you can slow down and upload once a week. But until then, more videos means more exposure and more new YouTube subscribers.

Conclusion - What to do now?

With all that said, I conclude this post and you should have by now much information to help you start on the journey to dominate YouTube. Anyway, you will have to learn more as you go. To assist yourself further in your quest, you can learn more in our Social Media Marketing Blog.

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