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What is Facebook Business Manager

What is Facebook Business Manager
What is Facebook Business Manager?

The Facebook Business Manager is used for managing your pages and ad accounts. You can also control access to them since you may view the people who can take hold of them and change their permissions if need be. Furthermore, you can work with agencies or give them your account if you want them to manage your ad campaigns.

Before you begin advertising on Facebook, therefore, you need to create a Business Manager account. To set up, you have to do the following.

Create a Facebook Business Manager account

●  Visit www.facebook.com/business.

●  Click on the right-hand corner and select “Create a Page.”

●  This action will take you to a page where you'll see "Business or Brand" and "Community or Public Figure." Choose the one that your audience is most likely to remember when thinking about your business.

●  After choosing your type of business, you'll have to fill in your page name. Then, a list of categories will come up under the category option. Take a pick and read through Facebook's terms and conditions for Business Pages. Click “Accept” if you're okay with the legalities to get started.

●  Next, add photos to your page. You can use your logo or any picture that represents your brand or conveys its personality as your cover image. However, ensure to use a high-quality picture and include ones that are watermarked with our business name to create good first impressions. Your image shouldn't be less than 150 pixels tall and 400 pixels wide.

●  Add a description of your products using no more than 155 characters. Seize this opportunity to let people know about your business, as well as to make it attractive to viewers. Your customers should be your primary focus, so share only what they need to know as clearly as possible. Keep your post short and simple. Click “Save” when you're done with this.

●  Create your vanity URL (a.k.a. username). People should know how to find you on Facebook through it. Your username should not exceed 50 characters. Make sure that it can be easily remembered as well. In truth, using your business name is advisable to make things easy. Click on “Create Username” when you've made a decision, and a box will show you links through which people can connect with your business. Click “Continue” to keep filling in your details.

●  Place a written background of the business in the “About” section on the left-hand side of your page. Enter all details including your contact information, other social media accounts, price range, and working hours. This way, if a customer is looking for a particular product, they will focus on the price range and won’t bother to contact you until they are ready to buy. Click “Continue” when done with this.

Now, your page is ready for your first post. Ensure you share an engaging and valuable content before inviting people to like your page so that they will keep on visiting it.

Nevertheless, posting content is one thing; engaging with your audience is another. Invite family and friends to hit the “Like” button and possibly post positive reviews about the business. Promote your Page through other channels like Twitter, Instagram or your website.

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