Is Instagram Right For Your Brand? |

Is Instagram Right For Your Brand?

Instagram could help a lot of business, whether small or big, thrive but this really doesn’t make it suitable for all business types. Unlike Facebook which appeals to pretty much every market sector, Instagram is designed to appeal more to businesses and individuals that are visually driven. Instagram is a visual-based platform therefore only businesses which adopt a visual-first marketing strategy have higher chances of success on the social media platform. Another important thing to note is that Instagram is fast becoming constricted to a certain age bracket which ends from 30. What this means is that you should only consider Instagram as a tool for your social media marketing strategy if your brand is product/visual-based and your targeted audience falls more toward millenials.

Not minding this though, Instagram has a very engaged user base which is why pretty much any business size has the opportunity can build a brand from the platform. According to Instagram stats, 59 percent of Instagram users check their account every day, and about 76 percent check their accounts at least every week. This is something your business can leverage on to build a highly engaged followership, and it is also why there are more influencers on Instagram than any other platform. It is very easy to become a social media superstar on Instagram, if you remain consistent and put in the required work.

Instagram is more suitable and effective for businesses that are aesthetically driven, personable, and geared towards millennial audiences. Example of these businesses could include; Bakeries, photographers, fashion designers, bars, coffee shops, clothing retailers, fitness centers, body builders, pet groomers, stylists, models, writers, thespians and pretty much any business that is concentrated on physical objects that can be aesthetically shown off. If your business is more about website development, app development, or other products that you can’t actually ‘show off’ then, Instagram is possibly not the right platform for you. You should find another social network that’s more suitable for your brand, like Twitter.

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