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How to Win on Facebook

How to Win on Facebook

Facebook needs no introduction. Most individuals are aware of their functionality. If a brand can get the intricacies of this platform, the possibilities are limitless. So how can you win on this platform? Let us check out some of the few ways of doing this below:

Set Expectations for Your Community

This consists of what viewers expect brands to provide. They range from information, tips, deals, and news.

Offer Solid Branding

Provide fans with a familiar experience. You should also try to make the page of your brand different from other brands. It is essential for brands to complete the information on their profile, maximize the pictures on their profiles and upload the logs of their brands. You need to create custom applications and features that go with the theme of your brands.

Use a Human Touch

Develop trust by making interactions personalized with a bit of humanity. You need to write your posts in a conversational, first-person tone. This will result in more profound brand loyalty and relationships. Administrators of pages need to display their pictures and names.

Take Part in Conversations

Make connections with clients by encouraging two-way conversations. These forms of conversations encourage trust, interaction, and spreading of information. When fans leave comments, respond to them and provide them with rewards individually for taking part. You can also thank them publicly for being a fan. When you make conversations directly with a client, it equally spreads to their networks. Every time a fan drops comments on the Facebook page of a brand, this conversation is shared with around 100 friends.

Enable Interactions between Customers

Be proficient and get the assistance of the crowds. Clients are speaking to one another already, and brands should indulge this behavior. Taking advantage of the energy of the crowd would aid you in minimizing costs. It will also enhance the experience fans have. Request that your fans respond to one another. Showcase the contributions of fans and offer top contributors recognition by placing them on your Facebook wall. Move this engagement further by activating the discussion board feature Facebook provides. Take part in these conversations and feature the leading questions and answers from clients.

Encourage Word of Mouth

Encourage word of mouth, which is the best form of marketing. Potential clients find customers more credible than brands. It is either to be swayed to use a product because someone you know previously used it. So encouraging WOM is a crucial strategy. To begin, all you need to do is ask your present fans to recommend your page to other people or like a post on your wall. Move it further by urging fans to act on the page, which they can proudly share on their wall. It could either be sharing images or videos, or taking a vote on something.

Pin Valuable Information to the Top

One of the significant issues individuals have when it comes to marketing on Facebook is that you will make a post which just a little above 15% of your fans will view. Then it gets buried fast on your Timeline. One way of solving this is to pin the content above your page. You will be able to make any post you have made show up at the top for as up to seven days. Also, if you have a fantastic post or image that you want to focus on, you will be able to highlight it and make it spread across both columns of your timeline. If you want to add a bit of fun to your boring schedule, this is also an ideal strategy to utilize.

Make Milestones

If you want to learn more about a brand, one of the best ways of doing so is to go through their milestones. Creating milestones are an excellent method of telling your story. Develop milestones to inform viewers how far your brand has come. You can also incorporate images to make these stories more fun. Let fans know how much you first made and how easy or difficult it was for you to grow your organization over the years. Here, you are allowed to add a bit of creativity.

Make a Plan for Your Posts

Creating a schedule for your posts goes well with Facebook Insights. When you utilize insights, you may observe the best posting times are not periods when you are ready to post. That is why scheduling these posts are essential. Also, if you have an audience in a time zone different from yours, there is a high probability you would not be around during specific hours when your audience in other areas of the world are already up and expecting your posts.

Buy Facebook Post Likes

Use Facebook Ads to Enhance Engagement

Don't just stay back feeling bad when just 16% of your fans view an important post. Remember that as a result of time online, you should not expect more than that. You need to embrace it. Promote your posts. Spend $5 or more to get to reach out to higher numbers of your fans. Don’t be restricted by the periods when they are online. View promoted posts as a method of maximizing the audience you have engaged.

Use Facebook Ads to Enhance Likes

Presently, you are doing well. Your present fans fancy you. You are even able to grow organically because your present fans have a lot of engagement with your content and ensure they share it regularly with their other followers. However, you are not patient, and you want your page to grow quicker. This is not impossible. Ads will be able to help you with this. Developing ads and sponsored stories targeting individuals who are not your fans yet. Draw in more fans by emphasizing individuals who have precise interests that correlate to your page.

Run a Contest

Do you have a goal of enhancing your number of fans or creating some buzz? Then running a contest will help you with this. A Facebook contest that is ran properly is one that needs engagement to partake in. Every time an individual engages with your contest, a new story their friends can see is created. Also, ensure you do it in a way that only your present fans can take part in.

Request a CTA

Ensure you offer a call to action. Many brands make the error of not delivering an easy call to action that can direct fans from engagement to making a purchase. The goal behind this is to sell more of the products you sell. Begin using a simple but instant call to action on your wall page and landing page. Request that fans sign up for newsletters or emails and like your page. Lead existing fans or new visitors to custom tabs where they will be able to browse products, see exclusive deals, and make a purchase.

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