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How to Make Money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram

The 1 billion monthly Instagram users is a big market that you can utilize to make money. If you just share images and monitor the number of likes that they get, then you are missing the big picture. The owners of this social media giant are earning and so should you.

The following are some clever ways to earn from Instagram:


The good thing with affiliate marketing is that you do not have to own a product to run a business. You just have to look for vendors who are willing to share their earnings through commissions. The tricky part is that Instagram does not allow one to post clickable links on the content. You can use the bio section to link people to the sales page. You can also design a landing page if you are selling multiple products. The seller can also generate a unique promo code that people will use and you get a commission.


There is a new breed of professionals who are influencers on the social space. If you have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, you can cash in on them. Brands can pay you to make sponsored ads and raise their awareness. The main aim of an influencer is to raise awareness, unlike an affiliate who focuses on sales. You have to understand your followers and the type of content that they follow. Sometimes the business you are promoting can come up with the content and request you to post on your profile. In other times, you will have to craft the content from scratch.


You can either own physical products, a service or a digital product. You can sell through normal posts or sponsored ones. You have to focus on the quality of your images as this is what attracts followers. Make sure that you capture the fine details of your product through the image. It is also important to include a Call-to-Action as it prompts people to take action. Other important considerations include captions and how attractive your profile is.


A dropshipping model allows you to run an e-commerce store but never handle the goods physically. A good example is Shopify where you can create a website and run such a store. You will have to source products from manufacturers or wholesalers, place them on your site and add a markup to earn some profit. Once a customer places an order, you will send the request to the supplier and he or she will ship the product to the customer but include your name tag on it. The customer will pay you and then you pay the supplier after deducting your profit.

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