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Ways to Drive Pinterest Traffic

Ways to Drive Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest can be used to generate following to your brand’s value proposition. Now, the time has come to see how you can improve your traffic on Pinterest. After all, Pinterest can be utilized as a wonderful alternative for creating and sharing content that’s in line with your followers’ interests.

So, let’s jump in a look at...

How you can use Pinterest to improve your brand’s visibility.

Step #1: Building a profile

This is pretty straightforward, and it’s just like any other social media marketing platform. The main difference here is that your profile photo can well be one of your most successful pins, or a specially-created pin that isn’t exactly part of your boards, but certainly similar in style. Write down as much as you can in your description so that your followers will know exactly what you are all about.

Step #2: Creating pins

Ideally, you would be snapping your own photos or shooting your own videos. You don’t need any special equipment just a solid camera that can shoot quality images and decent video. However, you would need some proficiency in photo editing software such as Photoshop. One alternative could be to hire a freelance Photoshop expert on Fiverr. They can create your picture as per your specifications.

Step #3: Pinning

This is where you begin populating your boards. You can start out by pinning a few images of your own material and then repinning stuff that you particularly enjoy and feel that captures the spirit of your brand. Then, try your best to maintain a consistent pinning effort. That way you can make the most of the space you have available.

Step #4: Sharing

When you repin, you are essentially sharing other content. Your followers will be notified of your pin and will begin to check out what you have shared. You can also ask your followers to check out a specific pin so they may repin it as well and thereby share it themselves.

Step #5: Following

You can check out other profiles and see what they are doing. I would encourage you to find as many profiles as possible within your own niche. This can give you ideas of what you can do in your own profile. When you follow someone, you will be notified every time they pin something. The same goes when someone pins one of your pins.

Step #6: Building a Pinterest community

Through sharing, comments, and following, you can build a community on Pinterest which will be based on similar interests. This community should reflect your brand’s identity and philosophy in such a way that everyone in the community will share your ideas and tastes. Bear in mind that you should see yourself as a curator of content on Pinterest. So, you are not just pinning stuff for the sake of it. Everything on your boards must have a reason for being there.

Step #7: Group boards

This is a sure-fire way of creating a community. When you create shared boards, collaborators from all sorts of different places are free to contribute to the content on the board. This is a collaborative effort that will be the result of engagement among a group of individuals. So, I would encourage you to find boards that are in line with your own interests. Find group boards on Pinterest with PinGroupie.

Also, you can create your own shared board and invite your followers to take part. This can be a great way of showing your appreciation to your followers and acknowledge their own ideas.

Another great way to build leverage for your brand is to ask influencers to join your Board. If they do, then you would be adding the network of that influencer into your own. So, it certainly pays to identify the big players and get them on board, literally.

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Step #8: Commenting

Any time you pin something, open the floor for discussion. You can do this by attaching some type of call to action to your pin. You can ask your followers to give you an honest opinion about what you are sharing. You can add an element of competition by choosing a comment at random for a prize. Or you can ask your users to leave a comment so they can enter a contest to win an item.

By encouraging comments, your pins will gain traction in the Pinterest algorithm. This will make your pins appear as suggestions on others’ boards.

Step #9: Paid ads

Just like all other social media marketing platforms, there are paid options. These could be sponsored pins, or board boosting ads. These ads can take any shape; a still image or video, and then appear as suggestions on users’ profiles.

Pinterest uses standard analytics tools. So, you should have no trouble navigating the data as once you gain more experience. I would encourage you to try out a combined approach just like on YouTube. That way, you can see what’s working in terms of your organic growth and what’s working better through paid advertising.

Pinterest ads work exactly the same way as regular pins, with the difference that paid pins go straight to the top of the pile. So, it certainly pays to check them out.

As you can see, Pinterest is a great tool which you can use to make the best of your social media marketing strategy. I would highly encourage you to give Pinterest a chance in order to see if it’s right for your brand. At the end of the day, knowing what doesn’t work is just as powerful as knowing what does.

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