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How King Is Content On Twitter

How King Is Content On Twitter

On social media and the internet at large, content is generally considered to be king. However, on Twitter, content isn’t just king, it is everything. The only way your Twitter marketing strategy can ever work is for you to make great contents a core part of your Twitter marketing plan. Compelling contents help attract Twitter followers and keep them engaged over time.

There is neither a right nor wrong amount of time for tweeting every day, or when. Rather, the best approach to take is to concentrate on regularly creating a cadence of content that is of relevance to your target audience and which authenticates your business or brand. There is no perfect content strategy for Twitter. But, there are useful tips you can follow to arrive at the right content to post on your Twitter timeline:

• Keep it Short and Sweet

Concise and short tweets make the sweetest ones. A concise tweet is out to make an impact. Each tweet you send should be concentrated on a specific topic and message instead of trying to talk about multiple things at once. If what you want to talk about is however long, you can simply tweet a brief and interesting excerpt and then put a link back to your business website for people to read the whole article.

• Visuals with Tweets

A bold image, video or GIF can contribute a lot to how appealing your tweets are to your target audience and Twitter users at large. Tweets with visuals add a touch of personality and generate higher engagement rates than lone tweets without any visual. Twitter users are 3 times more likely to engage with tweets that contain images or a video. Thankfully, you can even attach as much as 4 images to your tweets if you can’t decide on the best picture to use.

• Use Relevant hashtags

Twitter hashtags are a very powerful tool you can take advantage of to expand your reach and get into relevant conversations on Twitter. Focus on using keywords related to your business. The right trick is to use a maximum of 2 hashtags for every tweet you post on Twitter. The easiest way to use hashtags is to discover popular events that are trending and which you can relate back to your business in an authentic way, and incorporate their hashtags into an equally related tweet. Hashtags can be about everyday events such as meals or commutes, as well as larger and cultural events like New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and more.

• Ask Questions and Run Polls

Instead of trying to craft relevant articles or tweets all the time as a way of engaging your target audience, asking questions is one of the effective ways you can also interact with your audience, get people to contribute to conversations and let their opinions known. Tweet diverse and open-ended questions or make use of Twitter polls to run survey on specific situations or events and how people would respond to them.

• Retweet and Reply

Rather than tweeting all the time, how about you start retweeting relevant contents to your followers too? They will appreciate it.
Retweting and replying to tweets are a great way of building and maintaining an active and robust Twitter presence. Positive feedbacks from consumers, relevant articles and messages that are synthetic to your business’ authenticity are all impactful contents you can retweet. What you retweet should reflect back on your business and align with the values and purposes of your brand.
Consumers love to interact directly with businesses and brands on Twitter. So, try as much as possible to be responsive to questions, criticisms and comments from people on your brand. Tell people to use the "Direct Messages" to voice their complaints or seek expert opinions from you.

Now that you know the right things to tweet about and what type of contents your audience want from you, check your Twitter analytics to discover what contents resonates with your audience the more and build on it. Also, check the tweet activity dashboard to get updated on your engagement rates. This will help you to better understand what your audience wants to see from you. Once in a while, experiment with new types of creative elements and focus on the ones that perform well.

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