Some Ways To Be Successful on TikTok |

Some Ways To Be Successful on TikTok

How to Be Successful on TikTok?

TikTok is a video creation associated sharing app that extended in 2017 to a surprisingly quick reception, particularly among younger net users. With quite a billion downloads of the Android app already completed (check TikTok analytics), the TikTok scheme is immense, diverse, and for several users, a route to fame and fortune. though direct monetization of TikTok continues to be a small amount tough, it’s doubtless reaching to happen and also the real winners are going to be those that will attract a steady high audience for his or her videos.

Some Ways To Be Successful on TikTok

So how do you get more likes, shares and views on your TikTok videos? At first glance, you might think “just make more cool videos” and in fact that’s a great site to start – but it is not the whole scenario, or even close to it. Once you probe the TikTok system a little, it quickly becomes apparent that the videos is just a part of the equation. During this article, FastFaceLikes will show you ways to extend your viewership on TikTok in an extremely type of diverse ways.

This won’t be a simple tutorial on a way to create videos that people wish to look at. That’s a large topic space, without quick answers. What attracts a giant audience of American skate punk teenagers versus a giant audience of Australian rap battlers goes to vary. Instead, I’ll showing you the way to use the underlying mechanics of TikTok to support your creative thinking and effectively promote the videos that you just need to create. With correct support and designing, then your nice new videos can attract viewership all by themselves and therefore the viewers and likes will increase naturally.


An important part of seducing viewership is having your fundamentals in situ. A strong profile means that a person who watches one of your videos is more likely to stick around and watch more of them, while a poor or ambiguous profile will not tempt anyone to stick around or like your videos. The details of a good TikTok profile are a intelligent username, ideally one that expresses something about you or the varieties of videos you create.
*6473-Th3R0ck3r_32* isn't an excellent profile name unless you’re creating videos concerning rock, but no make sense the horrible name, right? Add a great image of yourself, if you’re a private entertainer, or of your band if you have one. Connect your account to your other social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) so that people who want to connect with you, have more options to do that. And remember, more connections means more tiktok followers, likes, views, shares, more engagement! Your TikTok account should reflect who you are, but should also be welcoming and attractive to new people.


One common mistake is to decide to create random videos, about several different themes. This creates a confused brand and confines the amount of cross-appeal your videos have for your TikTok followers. If they like your hip-hop video but are then turned off by your jazz video, you’ll never find out if they would have liked your rock video. In addition, there’s only so much time in the day, and only so many videos you can create. If you have a specific ability, an outstanding or hidden talent, then this is where you should be ready to use it. There are lots of lookalikes and soundalikes on TikTok and, of course... you want to stand out from the crowd! So whether you’re an awesome guitar player or can play harp with your toes, find out something you can do better than others and be ready to show it. Concluding, is very important to you define a niche in Social Media.



TikTok itself is a social media app, and it emphasizes the social aspect. Watching other users videos, seeing their videos, supporting them with shares, comments, likes or following their accounts – these not only promote the user whose videos you’re watching, it boosts your content as well (Get Social on Social Media!). Your nickname will appear on those comments, and if you have attractive things to say, the other users will tap on you to see what is going on in your account - Make sense, right? You must aim to be part of the TikTok community, engaging with other accounts, like and share other video, making more friends and helping. Be a valuable and active member! TikTok Engagement is the KEY to turn users in followers and casual followers into SUPERFANS – when you reply to the comment of other user on your video in a positive and interesting way, he are likely to greatly increase commitment to the content that you’re creating.



In TikTok, The crown (and not a fake crown 😂) is an icon that appears on the accounts and videos of some VIP members. Basically, the crown means that you're a mover and shaper on the TikTok network, a known influencer. There are moderators at TikTok looking for people whose work they want to encourage, and a "tiktok crown" is one of the rewards that they sometimes distribute. Is not easy and probably it will take a lot of time and effort for you to be crowned yourself. The crown is a reward for your great work, meaning success, not an instrument for getting more. Meanwhile, is a good idea you should interact with crowned people on TikTok whenever possible, thus using their success to fuel yours. If you leave a "like" or better, a "comment" on a video that gets 50,000+ views per day, your interaction will have a much greater impact than if you leave it on a video that gets 500 views/day – but, regard this: it takes exactly the same amount of time to write each comment! And, the best advice: work HARD to DESERVE your own CROWN by producing outstanding content, helping others users on TikTok, being active member and generally be seen as a cool member.


Why Are Hashtags So Darn Important? Some TikTok members can create videos very fast, depending on their niche and style. If you're a video creator, then is a wonderful idea you use trending hashtags on TikTok to see where the public interest lies, and make videos where those #hashtags are a good fit. Then you upload your highly-trending video with the convenient hashtag, and not only will you get usual viewership, it will be the kind of viewership that is usually searching out new contents – for example, influencers, the most desired demographic on the TikTok. You don’t have the necessity to do this all-the-time, but a sprinkling of topical videos intercalated into your normal activity/feed will speed up, for sure, your growth on the social network.


Challenges are a relevant way to boost your audience engagement, and to seduce members who hear about the challenge. You can either make your own challenge, or participate in those initiated by others TikTok members. You should want to be seen as a video creator in your own right and as an active member of the TikTok community as well. Doing both is highly recommended! Engage well, give encouragement to competitors or to members in your own challenge, and applause the magnificent work of others – all these actions will cause your own popularity to increase.


Collaboration is a great thing on TikTok! Ever since duets were presented, it has become easier than ever to collaborate with other members. Duets aren’t the only way to work with other people, but they are elementary. If you meet other TikTok members with a similar amount of followers or someone who is in the same niche of you, then suggesting a collaborative video project can win you an entirely new public, more engagement and more TikTok followers. You can cooperate with members you know well, or you can randomly contact popular TikTok users with collaboration requests, but don’t be admired if members with considerably higher engagement numbers refuse your offer - it’s not personal :)


Social Media sites have especially short memories. Something posted a few days ago is mostly gone from our consciousness unless it is remarkable content or was created by a superstar influencer or a celebrity. If you want to be a TikTok star, so you will need to post good QUALITY videos in a daily basis. While there is pressure to post often, remember that quality is always much more relevant than quantity. Posting less often but at a much higher quality is what you should do all the time. Everything you post on TikTok will influence how many followers and engagement you get.

Get More Likes on TikTok


Some members focus all their social media efforts on TikTok itself, but this is obviously an error. Though TikTok should be the first social media site where you spend your vitality, other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more can also be very powerful places for you grow your followers. The motive is simple: while someone might not have a large following on TikTok, they might be big on Facebook or Twitter. And guess what can happens? If you connect with them in other social media platforms also, then they are likely to turn their network on those social media sites towards your content. Even a simple presence on other social networks can pay huge dividends if you keep your social media accounts synchronized and make lots of contacts and friends on all the social media sites where you have presence.

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