How to Skyrocket Your Online Traffic |

How to Skyrocket Your Online Traffic

How to Skyrocket Your Online Traffic

How to Skyrocket Your Online Traffic

If you are starting your business or even if you have been in business for a while and you are now looking to expand your traffic in order to increase your Return on Investment (ROI). With the growth in technology, you can now be able to market you business to millions and all at no cost. All you need is to know how to navigate the vastness of the web, once you are able to do that there is no limit to the number of people you will get into contact with.

In this post you will be able to learn tips on how to increase your traffic using social media for marketing. When going into social media marketing, you first have to establish the niche that you are interested in. It is imperative that you have a specific one so that you are able to focus all your energy and time to achieving the best possible results. Here are the six tips on how to improve and even skyrocket your websites traffic. You should choose a niche that you want to be well identified with.

1. Spying on Marketing Competitors

It would be a wise move to first scrutinize the marketing strategy that is being used by your competitors on the social media community. When you join the social media community so as to find people to convert into your visitors and hopefully your customers, you will find that your competitors are there too. For a beginner, or even businessman who has been in the business for some time, this is a blessing in disguise. First study your enemies and potential customers. Study on how your target audience does things online, how they write their posts, things that they like and even what they share, and then try to mimic that. You should also study how your competitors carry out their jobs online and use that to make yourself even more desirable to consumers.

2. Blog

When you decide to do your marketing on social media, you should know that the content that you post should be of great quality and is very essential. You should start a blog and ensure that whatever you talk of on the social media networks has a hyperlink leading the reader back to your blog where you put more information on the topic. For you to attract and maintain visitors on your blog you need to have great and relevant, but also easy to read and understand content. To ensure that your blog is as effective as it could ever be, follow the points given below:

- Type of Content

When it comes to the type of content on your site, make sure that you have the best, informative and easy to understand information. When you go online to look for information, you are not looking to go and start deciphering anything; you just want something that you will easily understand and has informing content.

- Regularity

For any blog to be able to attract visitors and keep them coming back having great content doesn’t totally help you, you need to be able to at least blog once or twice a week. If you find that you at times go for weeks without blogging, and then know that you will most definitely lose most of your visitors gained through blogging.

- Target Audience

If you have more than one types of content that you want the online visitors to learn about, you can use different accounts for different content. This way you are able to manage and grow each account with the sole purpose of selling a certain single product.

- The Content

Things you should have covered for the content include such a thing as the person who creates it and the ways in which you plan to promote it. It is okay to hire outside help in coming up with the content in case you are not well versed with the topic at hand.
You should also find some ways such as attaching their hyper links into comments you make on other blogs or even Facebook and Twitter. This will generate some increased visits to your blog, especially if your comment was well written.

Start a blog

3. Build a social presence 

When you are looking to create your online social presence, you need to first come up with goals and establish your objectives. When you are building a social media marketing account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Instagram, you need to follow the following to ensure that you hit the right target that you are aiming at. These are points that your goals should have in order to simplify the process:

- Specific

You need to have goals that are specific and not all rounded; this will enable you to get more and relevant information instead of having information about everything all at the same time.

- Measurable 

Your goals should not be such that you are not able to measure them. When you are able to measure your goals, it makes it easier for you to plan on how to execute them and even able to break it down into small parts so that you are able to measure the far you have gone and the part you are still to work on. This will motivate you while at work, when you see the much you have covered, you get motivated to complete the remaining parts.

- Attainable

It is okay to be ambitious when setting your goals or even when working, but you should never make or set goals that you will not be able to achieve. Having big dreams is not a bad thing, it is just more easier to achieve what you are working on if you keep seeing improvements along the way, goals that are not attainable will make you lose hope once you notice that you are not making any development in that front.

- Relevant 

As you have already read several times on this post already, finding the niche that will best express your points and give you the online presence you deserve. Focus on a relevant topic so that you do not end up wasting your time with trying to focus on many ideas at the same time. Relevancy can range from you to the consumer and even the distributor at times. Making the content on your website relevant to all those who visit and your target is a way of getting you repeat visits from the people who visit.

- Time-bound 

You should come up with ideas that are time bound in the sense that you can easily work on tasks based on certain periods of time. This means that you come up with goals that are achievable in given periods of time. This is a very effective way of keeping yourself and anyone else that you might be working with, motivated.

You should also make sure that the story that you tell in your website, is unique and targeted to a given audience. When you visit a website as a potential customer, you will be attracted to visit that site again based on how interesting and informative you found it. A social media page or a website could be very informative but if the visitor is not comfortable while accessing the information, or it is delivered in such a serious tone, there are very many visitors who will not revisit such a site. Online reading is meant to be fun and easy to understand not super complicated, no one is looking to be amazed buy your jargon of the English language.

Build a social media presence

4. Creating a Buzz

With the rate at which technology has developed, we have come from an error where you needed tons of money to be recognized as a brand, to one which you can easily market yourself with no resources at all. Things such as releasing a press release have become very easy to handle and you do not even spend a cent, there are sites that releasing them for you free of charge. If you are looking to create some major buzz online, you can follow these easy steps and you will be well on your way:

- Creating a Story

When you are preparing to make a sale, it is wise that you start with a story that you know the client will relate to. When they hear like the story is about them, you will easily have  a connection and they can buy from you. When you use a true story and make the connection with the client, there are high chances that you will retain him or her for long, just make sure not to make up stories –people tend to tell between true and exaggerated stories.

- Ask Your Clients for Input

When you want to come up with the best selling strategy or you want to make the most buzz, ask the consumers what they like the most and create you product surrounding those answers. Once you understand what your customers want, it will be easy to satisfy their needs, unlike if you had no idea what they needs were. Even when you want to introduce a new product in your line, talk to them and ask them what they think about it.

- Blogging

Every company that is serious on increasing its online buzz and traffic should definitely have a blog. It does not take a lot of time to come up with a post about what your day was like and what you have been up to regarding the production and services offered by your business.

- Posting Videos on YouTube

It is evident that most people prefer watching something more than reading about it, even if it takes a shorter period to read about it than to watch the clip. Most people nowadays use YouTube as a source of information and they go there to search for solutions for their problems. It is imperative that you think of creating testimonial videos – especially ones with some of your clients, this will give you immediate credibility.

- Article Writing

Articles should be written to showcase your expertise in your area of practice. Make sure that you are able to get out as many stories in form of articles as you simply can. Use a tone that will be communicating directly to your consumer and make sure that you touch on the benefits that they will gain by working with you. Constant writing of articles will also make sure that your website always has content, and it also makes it easier for someone to find you.

- Social Media Networking

No matter which one you feel comfortable with, or one that is more relevant to your target audience, just make sure that you are active on social media. Facebook has over 2500 million subscribers across the globe, that means if you are advertising on it, you are doing so on a market of over 2500 million people. That is quite a huge audience given that you are not being charged to connect with them.

Creating a Buzz

5. Get on the map

You should now take advantage of some of the business directories that are for free, it is wise that you first try with the free accounts before making any serious move. If you have been in the business for a while and you are looking to step things up a bit, you need to rebrand yourself and advertise yourself more. Here are a few steps that you should follow:

- Improving Your Brand’s Visibility 

The use of links or having referrals from previous customers is your best asset. Use SEO techniques to ensure that you come across as a trustworthy person; this will help your visitors like and even trust you. Once you are trusted by your visitors you will be on a stage where you will start to get many referrals. You should also use links within your great content to ensure that when people such for you in Google they get results with a story about you and your business. The link can be of either an article or even a video you have on YouTube talking about your products and services.

- Web Design 

The appearance of your website could tell more about yourself, if you have an old site or if you are just starting out, you need a great site. The website you use should reflect the clientele that you are catering for. If you have a website that looks like a high school project or one that lacks in class and allure, you need to change and come up with an awesome design that reflects your target audience.

- Social Media

You should be able to amplify and manage your social media accounts. You should be able to set up your own profiles and also train your team so that they can work for you as you check on them to ensure that they do the jobs okay. The social media platform can enable you to access tens of thousands of people that you couldn’t have otherwise reached. You can easily amplify the number of people you want to see your products, events and even services that you offer.

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This can be defined as the process of one getting their website to the of search engines -a natural, un-paid and organic section. You can easily buy your way to the top with buying of the ads, but most people do not read the ads but look on the natural section. A person, who is on top of the unpaid section, is one who deserves it and not because of how much money he might have.

You can also give some offers to your existing customers for products with others that complement them. If you only have one product, you can get in contact with a business that offers products that complement yours. You are to make a deal with such a company and boost up your sales and in the process creating some buzz all around.

Including testimonials in your site will give you a lot of credibility. You need all the credibility you can get and hopefully it is transformed into a referral. You should link to sites such as Google, Trustpilot and Yelp in order to prove your credibility on your site.

Get your business in map

6. Create Valuable Product

This should not need any reminding but since it’s a vital part of the process, I thought it wise to share it with you. A business could have all the attention in the whole business world, but if the products that it produces are below the normal measure of quality, you can rest assured that it will not be making any positive buzz. There are some ways that you can use to make your products value grows and they include:

- Skipping the Long Features

Listen to your clients and figure out what is important to each and design your product in such a way that they satisfy the needs of your customers. Avoiding using long features could save you buyers because most people are not looking for products that are presented in a complex way.

- Get the People Talking 

The more that your product is talked about, the more valuable it seems and thus will bring in a high profit. When you ensure that you customers are happy with your services you can then ask them to tell some of their friends. You can even have some of your customer’s testimonials on your social media page and have the potential customers see how you conduct your business.

- Test Drive

People like to test products before they buy to ensure that they are buying the genuine product. When you have people trying your products risk free, you create confidence in your customers and that will make them very loyal. When integrates with your product through testing, he or she is much more obliged to buy the product.

- Ease of Use

Online consumers are mainly there to look for easy and quick solutions to their problems, the easier you make your product, the more value it will have in your customer’s eyes. Also offering some training on the product is a much better way of selling it for it simplifies the understanding of the customer. The offering of training in person will get you more sales than just packaging a product with a user manual in it. The uneducated people would opt for the option that includes a tutor and not just a paper they can’t even read.

Create Valuable Product

If you are new to the online selling of products and services, it is advisable that you start out small and grow your way up. Taking a minimalistic approach is a very good way of starting out your business to first assess the market and gauge the response.

Best of Luck!

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