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Easy Tip to Getting More Likes on Facebook

Tip to Getting More Likes on FacebookEasy Tip to Getting More Likes on Facebook

How do you get more likes on your Facebook Page?

What if I told you that there is a super easy way to gain more Facebook likes?
Yes, tis true and today I am going to share with you The Ultimate Secret to Getting More Facebook Likes!

What I am about to share is seriously, super easy and really mind-blowing...

- Step 1
Go to your Facebook business page.

- Step 2
Choose one of your posts that has some likes.

- Step 3
Click on those likes. (see example below)


Here you will be able to see 3 things: People that currently like your facebook page, people that don’t currently like your page (see the INVITE button), and businesses that currently like your page. If you like their biz page back it will say liked, if not you can quickly click the LIKE button and return the favor by liking their business page. Here is an example:


- Step 4
INVITE all of the ones that have liked your post, but don’t currently like your page.

- Step 5
Repeat for all of your posts!

So, what does it mean if someone likes your post, but doesn’t like your page? This is actually good news, because it means that your content is being seen. Your post spread to an audience that isn’t your own and they took the time to like your post. So now, by inviting them to like your page (they already like your content) it is just a gentle reminder that they probably want to follow your biz. Go You!

Do you feel like your mind has been blown? I know that I certainly did when I discovered how easy and effective this Facebook Hack was.

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So tell me, are you running to Facebook right now to start inviting people to your business page? I sure hope so!

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