Tips & Tricks to Increase Twitter Tweets Engagement |

Tips & Tricks to Increase Twitter Tweets Engagement

Tips & Tricks to Increase Twitter Tweets Engagement


Twitter can be a really powerful tool if you know how to use it. It may have its own issues but for business marketers, it can be a game changer. But in order to make the most of what it has to offer, you need to know how to make your tweets have maximum visibility.

Here is a list of ways to increase the visibility of your tweet. Also, by learning these tactics you can build a powerful presence on Twitter and control the conversation instead of being lost in it.

Create An Attractive Twitter Profile

Your Twitter profile makes an immediate impression on your followers so do some efforts to make it attractive. Keep your profile picture of something you feel your brand associated with publicly while also creating an amazing background image. Also, there is an option to customize your background. Now facilitate your followers with a short description that explain yourself beautifully to get connected with people of same interest you have.

Use A Dashboard

For your tweeting needs, you should use a Twitter dashboard. Twitter has dashboards like HootSuite, TweetDeck and Seesmic as one of its most powerful tools. These dashboards extend Twitter beyond a single column of Tweets also you can set up your experience in the manner you like it. Dashboards have streams that tell only @mentions of your Twitter username.

In the advanced settings, you can create columns to display all mentions of your brand name, CEO’s name and slogan and their visible product. Even use dashboards to spy your competitors. So if you are not using a dashboard get it now as it is an essential thing to stand out your niche.

Understand Twitter Search

After setting up your dashboard, go on to Twitter’s own advanced search tool to enter yourself in the conversation related to your niche.

Similar to Google’s advanced search state keywords to approach right phrases. But Twitter is a social information network so it differs from Google search by having social queries. Here you can search tweets of a particular person, from a particular location and much more.

It is also a strong tool to find people’s discussion within your niche. Search anything you like and find out potential clients who might need you for your services. Furthermore, you can also discover popular hashtags in your niche.

Tweet During Daytime Hours

Keep in mind your target audience then set your tweeting time accordingly. Usually the active hours are during the 11-12 hours of daytime but this interaction increases between 8am and 7pm. But tweeting too often can lead you to lose engagement. So constrain your tweeting for higher engagement rate, but always respond actively to DMs. You can find out the time when your audience is mostly active by using the tool from Tweriod.

Tweet On Saturday And Sunday

There is no break from Twitter on weekends. If you want engagement, then you should tweet on weekends because studies show engagement rate is higher on the weekends than weekdays. Use images and videos to increase twitter engagement hugely.

Learn The Language

Try to familiarize some terms used by Twitter like @reply, Tweet, RT or retweet, DM (Direct Message), followers and trending topics. Knowing these terms will help you in your interaction. Plus, use hashtags as they create high visibility by doubling your engagement rate. But be cautious using multiple hashtags because more than two can cause even a drop in your engagement. Use links to get more twitter retweets.

Monitor Your Following To Follower Ratio

Keep a positive ratio of the following to follower to get good current status. You can gain more twitter followers by offering people you follow to follow you back. Good content can also help you to increase people following you. Point to remember: don’t try to follow large group at the start, because it may cause suspension.

Follow The Right People

Only go for the individuals who share the same cause with you. So keep searching them. Also look for the people with a huge following and ask them to follow you back.

Keep tweeting!

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