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Twitter Profits For You In 7 Easy Steps

Twitter has been with us for some years, and almost everyone knows about it. Is it time for you to start using it? Well, as you know, Twitter is a micro blogging platform, a very successful popular social media community online. It is an information portal too, where you can frequently be in contact with friends and family. Twitter then, gives you the chance to even create profits by joining other people with whom you are very interested to join venture with. So now, let us concentrate on the 7 easy steps to achieve Twitter profits.

Twitter Profits For You In 7 Easy Steps

It is much better if you already have a squeeze page set up or a website so that your growing base of followers, have a place to go, to get your free offers of information that they are after.

Step #1:

So the first step is, after you create your profile, since Twitter is very much liked for its simplicity, is to quickly make posts of 140 characters updates and snippets, instead of lengthy and detailed profiles in your blogs and updates on your account. This way, you are free to dedicate plenty of time to running your business and, at the same time, taking advantage of Twitter's global outreach.

Start gathering following by using existing contacts first or join Twitter's based community directory sites and looking for new contacts simply by following people already in your community or market niche you are in. This will allow you to create some or many campaigns with Twitter that will make a huge difference to your business.

It is with your profile in Twitter, that your followers will get to know more about you and what you do and have to offer. Like everything else in this platform, it has to be a short bio, your URL and contact information.

You concentrate at this stage in offering quality, good information and free goodies of value to establish your presence within your market in the Twitter platform. A good idea is to design a squeeze page just for those that follow you in this medium. You can then personalize their experience and connect with them more directly.

Step #2:

And this takes us to the second step which is to create a newsletter, or report that you can offer to those that come to your landing page. You could offer it to them at set intervals, weekly for example. You can even give them a full report about the niche you are in, but remember that Twitter is a social media environment, and that, therefore, you must refrain from openly market to your followers or they will not look to that practice kindly. Wait till you are well established and trusted by your followers before, very gently lead them to your services or products.

If you give a lot to them, often, your value in your community of followers, will be very welcome and they will be glad to follow you. Your following will grow exponentially when they perceive so much value.

Consider also, if you are able to create good content, to compile special training and information about your niche, that you can pass on to your followers, so they can benefit from your efforts. This way, you will, over time, gain lots of customers.

Many of these customers will take notice of your link in your Twitter profile, to your website or blog, giving you the chance then, to openly market to them for your products and services or even for your affiliate links.

Remember that Twitter is primarily a social network where the community that uses it, does so for the purpose of learning more about others and to share their passions, interests, thoughts and everyday activities. These groups of people do not want to be marketed to, so they are not there to buy products and services.

Step #3:

Which takes us to step three and your interest in building relationships with your followers and subscribers. The way to do this is to offer value to them consistently. Focus on them and connect with them to establish trust and although this takes time and patience, in the end you will be reworded for this practice.

It is in your interests to keep providing value to your visitors so that they will trust and value your offers and later opt in to your list of subscribers.

Step #4:

And these bring us to step four which is to concentrate in the value that you provide to your subscribers. Connect with them at a personal level. Don't think that it is enough to have just names in your list; you need to build a good rapport with the people in your list for their trust in you to grow.

You do not want to start bombarding them with special offers, sales letters etc. until you have a real footing in their relationship with you. Be in touch with your efforts to help them. And even if this takes a bit of time to accomplish, in the end you'll be rewarded for your patience and persistence.

Step #5:

Step five: make a direct link to your squeeze page right on your Twitter profile account, when you have established a following. You then begin posting information, updates to direct traffic to your site.

Have an opt in form to appear in every page of your site, as well as considering to download WordPress to create a niche oriented blog. This is really simple to create and you can schedule content to auto post on a regular basis, thus freeing up your time and resources.

Remember to allow an opt in box to appear on the side template of your WordPress blog, so that is visible on every page.

Step #6:

Step six: Get active in the Twitter communities arena, such as and others. We Follow is a full featured Twitter directory, to where you can quickly add your Twitter account information to the directory, as well as categorize your focus, so that your Twitter account is placed within a specific area of the site in your niche. This will allow people to find you easily and will begin following your tweets.

There are other popular Twitter directories like and

Step #7:

Step seven: Automate your list building method with Twitter, by using the services of You then, can send automatic direct messages to those who begin to follow your updates. And include a direct link to your website, blog or better still, to your squeeze page where you offer each Twitter user a free incentive, such as an e-book, article content, guide or report on your niche market.

Try to offer your followers something original, even if it's a short report or mini-product, the more exclusive it is to your list, the more likely that your visitors will subscribe to your newsletter

By posting useful and entertaining tweets you get to build a more successful business with Twitter. This shows that you are focusing on spending your time wisely and making every tweet count towards helping you further your brand.

Those followers that you manage to send to your blog or to your website, and if you have done a good job at developing relationships with them, can quite easily subscribe to your newsletter or purchase your products.

So focus more on giving, than receiving and you will quickly discover how effective Twitter is in helping you further your brand and building your online business. Also by providing help and answering your followers' questions and offering tips and advice on what they ask you, establishes you as a credible source for information within your niche market.

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