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5 Instagram Social Media Marketing Tips

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Instagram is one of the top social media marketing platforms and now that Facebook owns Instagram, it’s even more popular!

So how do you ensure that your Instagram marketing campaign is a successful one? Consider these social media marketing tips for Instagram!

Instagram Marketing Tip #1: Stay Square

Square photos look best on Instagram, so be sure to crop your images in a way so that they’re square or will look good when displayed as a square (e.g. there’s nothing essential on the left and right edges of the image.)

Instagram Marketing Tip #2: Practice Cross Marketing

Many Instagram users tag fellow companies, brands, affiliates and partners in their posts and this can lead to a lot of exposure. But you can expect to get tagged if you don’t tag others yourself!

So take the time to tag others when relevant and you’ll find that they may very well return the favor!

Instagram Marketing Tip #3: Use a Link Shortener for Tracking

Understanding how well your Instagram social media marketing campaign is working is key to tweaking and tailoring the campaign to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The problem is this: Google Analytics won’t pick up traffic from Instagram to your website when a user visits from a mobile Instagram account.

But there is a workaround! Use a link shortener such as bit.ly as a traffic tracking tool. You’ll need to create a new link for each landing page or webpage you wish to track.

Instagram Marketing Tip #4: Use Trending Hashtags

Make note of which hashtags are trending on Instagram and make use of these hashtags when the opportunity arises to boost your exposure.

Of course not every hashtag is relevant to your brand or business venture, so be sure to keep it relevant. Don’t use tags for the sake of tagging; instead, use them when they’re truly related to what you’re posting. This is key to a successful social media campaign on Instagram and beyond.

Instagram Marketing Tip #5: Be Strategic About Links

Unfortunately, Instagram image descriptions don’t include clickable links (although carousel posts do include clickable URLs). But there is a workaround: include a link in your Instagram bio.

Be strategic, though, about which link you place here. Your website homepage may seem like the obvious choice, but in some cases, you may be better served by linking to a landing page or a page detailing your various service or product offerings. Consider which page is going to be most effective in selling your products or services or achieving whatever your goal may be. Then, link to this location!

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