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How to Become Famous on YouTube

How To Get YouTube Famous

If you want to learn how to become famous on YouTube, the first thing you’ll have to learn is this: You had better be good at… something! They key to any successful Youtube channel is branding. Nail down what your channel is going to be about. What are you going to show people, video after video, and look like you know what you’re talking about? Know that and you’re well on your way!

To give you a few quick examples of branding from famous YouTubers:

- PewDiePie: Creates ‘Let’s Play’ style video games. That’s where all his initial success came from.
- Epic Meal Time: Cooking the sickest meals on the Internet, changing the whole cooking game every Tuesday.
- Ray William Johnson: Showing and commenting on the craziest viral video hits on YouTube.
- Philip DeFranco: An over-the-top news show about pop culture, and bizarre happenings around the world.

Each of these YouTube channels had that one thing that they excelled at, created video after video about, and found success with. You need this type of focus, this type of branding, as well if you want to become famous on YouTube.

If you’re not sure where to start, see our article on starting a YouTube channel for more. This article is about how to become famous on YouTube, not the beginner content! Ok, let’s find you some fame!
How To Get Famous On YouTube

How to Become Famous on YouTube

More youtube subscribers bring more subscribers! You can ask any famous YouTuber you want, they all want, love, chase, and crave one thing: More YouTube subscribers! The very basis of your channel will be your youtube subscribers, how many you have, and how you can continue to grow their number.

Here’s what we’re going to do about getting you more YouTube subscribers, and make you famous on YouTube:

   - Create a video outro which you use over and over again at the end of every video. Make sure it pushes people to subscribe to your channel with both a visual and auditory call to action. This moment right here is your chance to capture someone who viewed one video and turn them to a lifelong fan. Make it special.
   - Use Annotations mid-video to push more people to subscribe, and to link to other videos. Linking to other videos keeps people around for longer, giving you more chances for them to subscribe to your channel. Make sure you always have the next click ready for your users, and make sure that next click is to your content.
   - Buy YouTube subscribers so that you have the valuable social proof needed to catch people’s eye. YouTube users are fickle. They’ll watch a video if it looks interesting, but investing in subscribing takes a little extra push. Having lots of subscribers is a sign to them that they should subscribe, too.
   - As your subscriber numbers grow you need to take the time to thank your fans! Create videos at milestones, like 100,000, 250,000, 1,000,000, or however many subscribers are special to you. Make a video for your first 100 subscribers, give your new fans years later a bit of nostalgia to look at when you’re famous!
   - Use a YouTube subscriber widget on your website. What’s that? You don’t have a website because you think YouTube magic will take care of everything? Come on! You need to use the power of search engines as effectively as possible. A website which collects all of your content into one place, with blogs, a retail section, and a homepage will bring in more people. Having a YouTube subscriber widget on every page will help capture those who find you via your website’s SEO.

YouTube Subscribers are the very cornerstone of how you’ll become famous on YouTube. They are the people who come back to watch your videos over and over again, who share your videos on social media, and who become a part of your channel’s community. Without them you will never, ever, find fame.

Here’s a video from Epic Meal Time which perfectly captures what I’m talking about. Watch the whole video and you’ll see how they use Annotations to push for subscribers mid-video, at the end, and also make a big push for social media (our next topic):

How to become famous on YouTube using social media

We all know that social media is a major player in not only the world of eCommerce, but in the world of everyone on YouTube. Large followings on Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, and even the ancient Facebook can help you to become famous on YouTube. Here’s a strategy to follow:

   - Focus on one social channel first. I recommend starting with Twitter as it’s the one best suited to spreading your channel, and also ties in well with Vine videos (more on that later).
   - Start your account out right by purchasing some Twitter followers from us. This will help you gain more followers in the next few steps as you need to already be built up a bit. No one wants to follow an account with 0 followers.
   - Make sure your branding is consistent. Use your YouTube logo and header image for your Twitter account. You want to make certain that your fans are never confused about whether or not they have the right account. Visual cues are a big part of that.
   - In the video descriptions, be sure to list your Twitter right after the description. Be sure to use a ‘Follow us on Twitter!’ call to action. If you don’t capture them as a subscriber on YouTube you’ll still have them ‘subscribed’ to you through Twitter.
   - When you do tweet out one of your videos, push hard for retweets. Our retweets service will be a big help, but so will a ‘Please RT!’ call to action. Let your followers know that you want the help and they’ll gladly do so. Remember that every retweet is another chance to get another subscriber.

At this point I would recommend you open a Vine account. Why? Well, you’ve been to the movies, right? Every movie has a big, flashy trailer. Vine is where you can create six second video ‘trailers’ for your YouTube channel, sharing them over Twitter is a breeze since Twitter owns Vine. Follow many of the same steps as above:

   - Use our Vine followers service to build your account up enough that the average user will be impressed by it.
   - Use the same branding images as are on your Twitter and YouTube.
   - In the Vine video description, link to your YouTube video or just to your channel.
   - Ask for shares of your Vine video, and use our Vine Likes & Shares service to push yourself even further.

You can follow this same basic pattern on any social media platform which suits you. It all depends on your strengths, and where your content style will be best appreciated. Here’s Philly D with an example tweet:

He included a lady in the image for science reasons, I’m sure :-)

One BIG viral video for notoriety

One last thing I would like you to look at is creating a viral video. Choose one video, your best video, and push it as hard as you can. Every major YouTuber has a viral video in their collection, and you need one too. Take these steps:

   - Find your video which already has the most views, and make sure it’s recent. Pushing your video about last year’s Grammy awards isn’t going to find you success today. Make sure that everything from the YouTube subscriber section from above is already done on it.
   - Use our YouTube views service to kickstart your video. I’d recommend no less than 10k YouTube Views to get things marching towards virality. Don’t worry, they will build slowly and naturally.
   - Make sure that all tactics for the social media section above are complete. You want your social channels working at their best in order for virality to happen. The secret is that viral videos rarely happen on YouTube. They happen on other social media as users share your video over and over again.
   - With all of those views you just purchased, don’t forget our YouTube Likes & Dislikes service. They will make your video look even better, and push more people to hit Like. You have no idea how important Likes are for a video. They push SEO higher, make it more likely that your video will feature in suggested videos, and they’ll be added to the ‘Liked Videos’ playlist of everyone who likes them. All of these actions push virality even further.

Once you have that BIG hit video, start tooting your own horn! Create a page about it on your website, talk about it on social media, and maybe even create a ‘thank you’ video for your fans.

Your guide on how to become famous on YouTube

Becoming famous on YouTube is possible. No longer is the door to fame guarded by the big companies and executives in fancy Armani suits. It is accessible to you through YouTube and social media, with a little help from our services.

Keep on working, because this is still work, and be consistent until you have the fame you want. No one ever became sustainably famous on YouTube instantly (ok, except maybe for David after he visited the dentist, and Charlie after he bit a finger), but you can build an audience. When you’re famous, don’t forget to give me a shoutout!

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