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Tips to Increase Instagram Followers Instantly

How to Get Instagram Followers Instantly Free

Initially the domain name www.instagram.com - was created only to serve as a mobile application. Instagram allow users to take pictures, view photos, edit images and even do whatever was possible to do with your pictures only on mobile phone devices. An Instagram app was used for a long time only on the iPhone until later it's available now on Android, Windows phones and common desktop computers. Recently it’s bought by Facebook for billion of dollars and now Instagram is an integrated part of the Facebook service.

Changes made by Facebook on Instagram:

- Facebook users can access the Instagram login page with Facebook username and password;
- You can share your photos not only with your Instagram friends but also on all popular social networks;
- You can set your Instagram profile as a public or private;
- Instagram hashtags works as a keyword for every photo;
- A user can upload his/her 15 second long videos on the Instagram and can also apply filters on the video.

Get Instagram Followers

Instagram: Tips to Increase Followers Instantly!

You can get a lot of real followers on the Instagram simply by following these simple steps, so stop paying for getting fake Instagram followers on cheat and scam sites.

Pick a catchy screen name:

Always choose a catchy and cute name for your Instagram username; your unique username will attract a lot of people to follow you on the Instagram.

Instagram Bio:

Your bio on Instagram profile must be interesting and near to reality, you can also write famous quotes about love and life in your biography.

Follow and get followed:

Start following a maximum number of Instagram users of the same interests, most probably the half of users will follow you back.

Comments wisely:

Post interesting and catchy comments on others photos and videos on the Instagram, people always like to follow a person who says something cool.

Prominent pictures:

Always post your most stunning photos on the Instagram, food and breakfast pics are now an overrated idea. Try to post something unique and fresh.

Awesome Videos:

If you really want to get more popular on the Instagram than do not share someone videos already posted on YouTube, but post your own videos about interesting or short video tutorials about useful stuff. You can also promote your business with products by using Instagram video service wisely.

Use right hashtags:

So many people believe that using a lot of popular hashtags on their pictures or videos really bring a lot of followers, but this idea is totally wrong. Only use relevant and famous hashtags in your photos and videos if you want more followers.

Do not sit behind the scene:

If you want the world to discover you than your Instagram profile must be public, a private profile cannot gain followers.

Get advantage of Yahoo Answers:

Every day hundreds of people post requests on Yahoo Answers to follow them on Instagram and they will also follow you back, you can also post a request and take a chance for free.

Do not forget your friends:

Invite all your friends from all social networks and your email contacts by using the Instagram invitation service.

Exchange services:

There are many websites on the internet are offering exchange services for Instagram users, sign up free on exchange site and start following Instagram users and in return, they will also start following you.

Famous on Instagram:

Hot on Instagram is a featured Tumblr blog with thousands of followers, you can submit your photos or videos on this blog for free with your Instagram username and hundreds of people will start following you on the Instagram instantly.

Sharing is the power:

Whenever you upload a pic or video on the Instagram, share your stuff on all popular social networks including Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, Twitter, etc.

Buy Instagram Followers:

No one wants to follow an Instagram user that no one else is following. In fact, most users won't even find an account that doesn't have many followers. This means that if you want to start growing your online presence, you'll have to ask all your friends to follow you, and ask them to ask their friends to follow you, and so on. Sounds exhausting, doesn't it? Luckily, there's an alternative. With FastFaceLikes.com, you can Buy Instagram Followers with just a few clicks of a button--much easier than hassling all of your friends to follow you. And once your account looks popular, more followers will start rolling in.

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