Business And Instagram: How To Make It Work |

Business And Instagram: How To Make It Work

There are top social media sites where business owners primarily invest in. Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks around and takes on a more unique approach compared to others.

The platform focuses on photos and short videos complete with captions so people can experiment with their imagination more. Businesses can actually benefit a lot by using Instagram and attracting its millions of users.

Here are some ways for a successful campaign.

Business And Instagram: How To Make It Work

1. Read the guidelines and find out how things work

Begin by creating an Instagram account. Fill in your company or personal information then upload a profile picture and short but interesting descriptions about the brand. Get tips and guidelines from Instagram for Business Blog. Companies that are new to Instagram can start learning the process and how to benefit from the many features and tools available on the website. Learn how to upload photos, provide captions and tag people.

2. Make an effort to get noticed

Post interesting photos or short clips that are related to the brand. Avoid posting advertisements all the time or putting photos of products only. Add personality to your posts by using pictures that include people in casual settings or showcasing how the products can be used for daily and normal activities. Also start using features like hashtags. There are a number of hashtags that are frequently used. Use one or two hashtags with posts to funnel the right customers.

3. Initiate fun and engaging activities

You can initiate and participate in Instagram contests and other activities to create hype and bring in new interested users to become loyal clients. Promote an online contest with a hashtag, inviting people to share photos of themselves using the brand or visiting your store. Provide incentives, prizes and discounts to winners.

Also take time to participate in other social media activities started by relevant users; this will help build you relationship with the community and also help you fish for ideas for future strategies. Invite users to use hashtags to win special prizes and freebies. Have them share good experiences with the brand to increase appeal and entice more users to try.

4. Regular updates

Upload photos and other visual content several times each week. Having a mobile device or smart phone will help so you can easily share photos on the go. Exchange information with other relevant users and experts in the industry then briefly include these in photos. Aim to match current events with the pictures you?re showing to grab attention. Instagram users will more likely engage if you stay updated with trends and current issues.

5. Locate important users

Look for individuals with a huge following on Instagram. When these important persons get interested in your posts, they will most likely share or repost it for others to see, thereby increasing your network and bringing in new relevant clients. Participate in their events and activities and communicate regularly to get updates.

6. Review posts and campaigns

Regularly measure the results of your Instagram campaign to determine which posts are most appealing to the target audience and which ones are usually ignored. Adjust your campaign according to how users responded to previous ones. Most, if not all, Instagram posts come with a hashtag so this will be a great way to track who supports you or shares the same interests.

Being a part of Instagram and maximizing its functions for marketing purposes will grow your business to new heights. Because social media appeals more to the visual side of the target market, this would be a great place to start.

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