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5 Reasons to Buy Twitter Retweets for Marketing

Reasons to Buy Twitter Retweets today
Reasons to Buy Twitter Retweets for Marketing
Making the choice to buy retweets is a decision many Twitter users are making. Understanding the reasons to buy retweets could be confusing to someone who doesn’t know the marketing reasons behind it.

The best thing about retweets is that they apply to any Twitter account, of any size, in any industry. Retweets fuel every account, and I’ll look at why this is the case now.

To inspire you, between each reason I’m going to show the top 5 most retweeted messages of all time! I’ll start at the fifth most, and get to the most retweeted last.

5. They Attract More Real Retweets from your Followers

Stop and think about this very important point for a second. Your tweets are part of someone’s Timeline, a constantly moving stream of tweets from dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other accounts they follow. It has been found that the average amount of time a tweet has to be retweeted is 18 minutes. If there haven’t been any retweets at all after 18 minutes, the tweet is as good as dead.

For your tweet to get every retweet possible in those 18 minutes it needs to have as many retweets as possible already. Confused? It’s not that confusing if you look at it this way:

- Someone is scrolling through their Timeline and they see a tweet which interests them. The tweet has no retweets, and they move on.
- Someone is scrolling through their Timeline again, and they see the same interesting tweet. This time the tweet already has many retweets, and the user decides this time that retweeting is worth their effort.

Why are Twitter users like this? They want to be the first of their friends share a big story. They want to be part of something bigger than them. They believe that the larger number of retweets coming before them justifies their retweet.

In these cases, they are being impacted by something called social proof. Social proof basically boils down to the fact that people are more likely to do something when they see many other people already doing it.

4. You Bought Twitter Followers and Want Activity

One of the most common reasons to buy retweets that we see here around FastFaceLikes is that someone bought followers from us, and they also want activity. When you see an account with hundreds of thousands of followers, but next to no activity, it’s pretty easy to take a guess at what’s going on.

The whole point of buying followers and retweets is to get people to notice your account using social proof, and really interact with you. If they’re suspicious of your account right from the start you could be harming your account. Buying retweets, especially our service which automatically retweets all your messages (Twitter Automatic Engagements!), can bolster your account until that activity really does start to pick up.

3. People are More Likely To Pay Attention to Your Tweet’s Message

The world of Twitter isn’t all about numbers. It’s all about people, and about them paying attention to your message. All of the retweets in the world won’t mean anything unless people click on your links, and really pay attention to what you’re saying.

Think about that news story that winds up on every channel. The more you see this news story, again and again, the greater significance you give to it. If you saw the news story once, and never again, you would likely dismiss it as unimportant. A tweet with many retweets is similar – the repetition shows that the message is important.

2. Greater Overall Interaction

You don’t want people to just retweet you and forget about you. There’s little good in that. You want people to reply to you, to tag their friends and followers, to click on your links, and to even give you Likes.

The reason why all of these things are important comes down to Twitter’s new algorithm. Basically, a tweet with more activity is seen as more important. This makes it more likely to appear at the top as an important message to display.

In addition, when people click on a hashtag they are first given the top tweets using that hashtag. If you have more overall interaction you’re more likely to be displayed near the top. What happens then? More of everything as new people discover your account through the Top Tweets display search.

1. More Followers From Users Who View You as Important

So you’re getting all of these retweets, and vastly expanding your reach. What you’ll notice now is that every time you get more retweets, you get more followers. This is because followers of those who retweet you will see your tweet and have a decision to make: Should they follow you, too?

You can increase the percentage of users who will follow you by having a tweet with a high amount of retweets. This is social proof all over again: Twitter users will assign importance to the group of people those numbers represent, which leads people to follow the crowd and follow you.

And don’t forget the obvious thing here: When you get more followers, you’ll get more retweets from those new followers, too!

All of the reasons to buy retweets come to this…

You’re read 5 reasons to buy retweets, but they all mostly come down to this: Everything on Twitter adds up. The more you have, the more you get, the more you get next time. Twitter marketing is a non-stop quest to grow. Buying retweets helps you grow during every step of your Twitter marketing efforts, and in every useful metric in some way.

If you’re still not sure about all the reasons to buy retweets, try buying our smallest one time package, and see for yourself how it helps your account!

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